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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 90 | October 19, 2008|


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Unexplored Dhaka

People of the Dark

Munaf M Chowdhury

When the city goes to sleep some of its anonymous characters come out to earn a living for their family. I went out one night and met these people. They were very friendly and enthused seeing me with my camera. Here are some pictures that I took. The place where I went is known as Jasimuddin Road at Sector 1, Uttara. It is just beside the highway and about a kilometer from the ZIA international Airport.

Picture 1: Fully Equipped for the Night. A man selling tea, cigarettes, buns, bananas, cakes etc. His name is Abdur Jabbar. He stays there all night until all his items are sold.

Picture 2: The Busy Night. Customers are available all throughout the night. However, after 2 o'clock it does not stay this crowded.

Picture 3: The Tea Flask. Looks a bit dirty, but it is good enough for the people of the dark.

Picture 4: The “Ada Chaa” ginger tea. Keeping the people revitalized. It only costs Tk.. Two per cup. The cups are also colourful!

Picture 5: Chan Mia. Another tea-seller. He loves his earrings.

Picture 6: The Guard “Mamas.” They roam around the streets all night and make sure that our sleep remains undisturbed. We often forget to even think about their existence. They are always awake and aware!

Picture 7: A Warrior of the Dark. Mohammed Zakir and such other rickshaw pullers come out at around 11 o'clock and take fares all through the night. As the number of passengers is limited, he charges, like all the others, double the normal fare. People are not too skeptic about it though.

The people of the dark are very light hearted. They seem to have their own world. They are afraid of all the glamour of the day, but they are not afraid of the dark!

I go out into the dark with my camera with every opportunity that I get. I try to catch human tales on my lens that touch my heart. I post these stories on my weblog: munafchowdhury.wordpress.com. If my stories can generate any form of emotions in your hearts, you are welcome from the most hospitable part of the heart to share it there.

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