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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 41 | October 28, 2007|


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JOB-ICT and Jiplerz for ICT employment

Nazia Ahmed

The first Impression is what counts. It's something that might shape your future, so when it comes to finding the right job and making the “right impression,” we find ourselves in a pickle.

UNESCO chooses China for Heritage Training Institute

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

UNESCO has chosen China as the first country to erect its World Heritage Institute of Training and Research - Asia Pacific (WHITR-AP) under the World Heritage Center (WHC).

BNCU programme on World Teachers' Day

Md. Nazmul Hasan

October 5 was the World Teachers' Day, which is important for both students and teachers.

25 secrets of Mona Lisa revealed


New images uncover 25 secrets about the Mona Lisa, including proof that Leonardo da Vinci gave her eyebrows, solving a long-held mystery.

I am not ashamed of speaking Banglish!

Dr Binoy Barman

If you ever tune to Radio Foorti or Radio Today, you might listen to some alien forms of Bangla.

The Magical Land of Sunrise
(Samichi Japan- Miss you Japan)

Sharin Shajahan Naomi

Japan, the country of progressive and hard working people and technological wonders and bullet trains, has always appeared to me as an amazing place like those cities in science fiction.

4 years of pain, or pleasure?

December 2, 2003. My first day at East West University (EWU). I was about to sit for the admission exam, but I had a strong feeling of not sitting for it.

Holy Cross College: A Tribute to My Alma Mater

Selina Parveen Rahman

Holy Cross, a name, or is it just a name? No, it's not. It is an institution in itself. Born in 1950, Holy Cross College was the brain-child of Sister Augustine Marie, a great visionary who devoted her whole life to enlightening and inspiring the womenfolk in Bangladesh.

Twinning How does It Happen?

Tanjina Haque Toma

If two or more infants are born in a single pregnancy then it is called twinning. There are two types of twins -
1. Dizygotic twins
2. Monozygotic twins


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