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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 9 | March 11,2007|


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Perdana College: Choice for Overseas Education

Farzana Anwar, Omar-Bin-Abdal-Aziz, Layla Sharmin Rashid, and Mohammad Sohail Ismail, came from different educational backgrounds. They joined Perdana College, Dhaka, in January 2001 under different programs, with the intention of going overseas for higher studies.

Farzana was a 1st Div. HSC (English Medium) student from Radiant College, Layla was also a 1st Div. HSC student from Holy Cross College, Omar completed his SSC with 1st Div from Udayan Bidyalaya, and Sohail, an “O” level holder.

Farzana was awarded Perdana's full scholarship. She and Layla were admitted into Perdana's degree transfer program in Computer Science.

With only their SSC and “O” level qualifications respectively, Omar and Sohail enrolled into Perdana's Pre-University Program (PUP). Upon successful completion of the PUP, Sohail joined the degree transfer program in BBA and Omar, in Computer Science.

After studying two years at Perdana, Dhaka, these four students went on to further their higher studies at Perdana's overseas partner universities. Supported by the written MoA between Perdana and its partner universities, letters of acceptance from reputed universities with full credit exemption, and pre-visa interview counseling sessions provided by Perdana's University Placement Unit, all of them were granted their student visas by the respective High Commissions without any hassle.

Farzana and Layla moved on to Acadia University, Canada. All their credits completed at Perdana were accepted by Acadia University and they were admitted directly into the third year.

Farzana's excellent results enabled her to obtain the Fred C.Manning Scholarship from Acadia University.

Sohail was accepted directly into the final year at Northumbria University, UK. Omar joined Perdana's sister University, UCSI, in Malaysia, after completing his first year at Perdana. He was granted advanced standing to enter into the final year at Northumbria University after completing his second year at UCSI.

Both Farzana and Layla graduated from Acadia University in 2005. Currently, Farzana is working at IBM, Canada, as a Software Developer and Layla, a Technical Support Engineer, at Sun Microsystems, Canada.

In 2006, Omar graduated from Northumbria University in the top five positions in his program and was invited by the University to directly pursue the M.Phil. degree.

Since 1995, hundreds of Perdana students have graduated from reputed overseas universities, and are being employed by multinational corporations such as IBM, Apple, Sun Microsystems, British Telecom, and EDS.

Perdana is known for its excellent quality education and innovative pathways to award-winning overseas universities.

The latest addition to Perdana's range of innovative programs is the International BBA program which will enable students to pursue a foreign BBA degree at local cost in Bangladesh. Students only need to complete the final component of the Program at UCSI, Malaysia.

The final component at UCSI, including airfare and accommodation, will be provided to students free of charge.

A little learning is a dangerous thing, but we must take that risk because a little is as much as our biggest heads can hold. - George Bernard Shaw

Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.
- George Bernard Shaw

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