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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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Study in Thailand in Comfort

Raad Razzaque


Bangkok, capital of Thailand and one of Asia's most dynamic cities, is the heart and soul of the country. This frantic and steamy tropical city offers surprises at every turn. The best part about Thailand is one can get a quality education at a very affordable price and what is even better is that one gets to stay very close to home. This makes Thailand a better alternative to the conventional locations that students usually travel to education. Adding to that is the amazing friendly nature of the Thai people and the feeling of security. Thailand is also currently the business hub just after Singapore and Malaysia. Bangkok is home to one of the leading universities in Asia, Assumption University of Thailand or more popularly known as ABAC. ABAC currently harbors students from 71 different nations. The students come from many ethnic and racial backgrounds. Fortunately due to the friendly nature of the Thai students and the people in Thailand, the prospect of parting with loved ones is much easier to bear. Many of these international students come from Bangladesh. Like most developing countries, Bangladesh contains numerous students who have the desire to study and graduate from a university abroad that gives them the best quality of education with the exposure gained from studying in a foreign country.


ABAC was established in 1969. It currently has two campuses located in Huamark and Bang na. The Huamark campus is a compact vertical campus comprised of 17 buildings with the tallest having a total of 16 floors. A small lake surrounded by lush gardens is a focal point of beauty and tranquility. The Bang Na campus constructed as a “University in a Park” comprises 200 acres of beautifully landscaped assembly of mixed architecture surrounded by lush, tropical gardens and trees. Both campuses house State of the Art Equipments classes, libraries, laboratories, sports facilities and dorm rooms. Advanced technology such as WiFi internet connection can be found in both the campuses.


ABAC currently offers 40 Bachelors degree programs, 44 Masters degree programs and 13 PhD programs. Few of these world class programs include:

Business Administration (BBA / MBA) / Tourism Management (MBA-.TRM) / Computer & Engineering Mgt (MS-CEM) / Business Administration in Technology Management (MBA-TecM) / Economics (B.Econ.) / Science and Technology (BS) ? Engineering (B.Eng) /Communication Arts (BA) / Biotechnology (BS)/ Architecture (B.Arch.)

35% of the faculty teaching in ABAC comes from 30 different countries which gives students a greater exposure to the ever changing world around us.


ABAC has affiliations with several different Universities all around the world. They also have twinning programs where one can transfer to foreign universities such as: South Bank University (UK) / University of Exeter (UK) / Wollongong University (Australia.)

ABAC success stories:

AU graduates reach middle and senior level management positions quickly. Many AU graduates work for top quality, multinational firms such as Cisco Systems, Citibank, Gillette, Proctor & Gamble, etc. AU graduates also pursue further studies at world-class institutions


The best part about ABAC is one can get a foreign degree at a fraction of the cost of studying at a university in the western countries. Average cost of studying at ABAC is around 3000 USD/yr where as studying in the US or UK would cost around 15000USD/yr. Comparatively the living cost is also very cheap. One can live comfortably with 250USD/month including living, food and transportation. What a bargain!!


Imagine studying in a country like Thailand… Imagine rewarding yourself with a weekend on the beach after a hard week's study, or trekking through the jungle as soon as your exams are over! Thailand's islands and beaches are amongst the most scenic in the world.

For further information please visit www.thai-ed.com


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