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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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Sarah Z H

The onset of spring this year was not much the same as any other experience in the past. Instead of a swooping breeze and the playful presence of sunlight, dark clouds loomed over the earth making it look gloomier by every minute. A constant drizzle had gripped the ambience in a way that it countered the idea of 'Bashanta Utshab'. Even then the core of celebrations was not abandoned by the enthusiasts. For many years Charukala' has been playing host to all the celebrations of Bangali culture. It has been staging different cultural presentations to mark the occasions of many seasons. And queen of all seasons, spring had its special place in the list. Students around the campus warmly welcomed spring in unending veneration and solemnity.

With water still dripping from the heavens above celebrations at 'Bakultala' began as early as 7.00 in the morning. Artistes of 'Chayanat' rendered some melodious numbers from Tagore and Nazrul to pay their tributes to spring. Other enchantments like 'Bhawaiya' and 'Bhatiali' that reflect our heritage appeared in chorus. Later the singing was followed by graceful performance by groups of dancers. This particular form of art depicted the true attachment between human emotion and changes in seasons. Another attraction offered by the performers were recitation. Women dressed in yellow-gold sarees and men in white kurtas were seen to adorn the premises of the Institute of Fine Arts. Students from many other institutions came to Charukala for merry-making. People from all walks of life both young and old who were apparently amused came to enjoy in the festival. The programmes ended around 12.00 in the noon. Meanwhile, the spectators helped themselves with lunch only to prepare for the upcoming performances starting from 3.00 in the afternoon. This set of events went on until it became quite dark. Apart from the well-known groups many small groups of performers presented songs during the shows. The students of Charukala had put together a beautiful idea of painting the faces of one another using floral and geometric concepts. Their brushes gently worked up the young faces that lit up with joy and new hopes. While some attended the function others were engaged in framing their gleeful moments, as everyone looked their pleasant best. Slowly the day depleted into the shadiness of a rather unusual evening of spring. And despite the dullness in nature, young hearts managed to celebrate spring with their bustling youthfulness.


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