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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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A visit to the People's University Library

Dilroba Begum

The People's University of Bangladesh was established by the PUB Foundation in 1996. It is government approved private university under the Private University Act, 1992. The PUB library is an active participant in the instructional and research program of the university. The primary mission of the library is to instruct students in effective, efficient use of the library and to encourage them to develop habits of self-education So that they may use books, libraries and recorded communication in all forms for a lifetime of intellectual development. To this end the library acquires and organizes books, journals, audio visuals and electronic information in a variety of digital and other format for use by the students and faculty.

PUB library is progressive, dynamic resource, which supports the curricula and research needs of the university. A highly trained professional library faculty and staff give the best in library service. Constant effort is made to improve the PUB library system. The rapid growth in collection, the professional competence and utilization of the latest techniques in providing efficient service and the active co-operation of the faculty all work together to assure students and faculty of the PUB the finest in library assistance available. The library faculty and staff of all level are committed to helping patrons using the library resources. Since the library resources primarily supports university, instructional, educational research activities, the subject emphasis tend to reflect the PUB curricula.

The library resource covers many disciplines, such as Business Administration, Computer Science and Engineering, English Language and Literature, Physiotherapy, Medical Science, Hotel Management & Tourism, Islamic History & Culture, Islamic Studies, Economics, Management, Accounting, Psychology, Sociology, Electronics & Communications Engineering, Bachelor of Education, Master's of Education and Law, etc.

The PUB library is fully air-conditioned. The library has a seating capacity for 100 students at a time and there is separate reading room for faculty. Total library space is about 1600 Sq. feet. There are about 15000 books, 30 subscribed journals, 20 dailies, 25 clippings on current subjects relating to the curricula are kept in the PUB library.

PUB Library offers regular services, circulation, reference, counseling, indexing and bibliographical services, documentation and guidance, etc., for making the PUB significant in the promotion of learning and research.

(The writer is the Librarian of PUB)

" Frankly speaking "

-Naureen khan

Today I want to discuss a very alarming but not yet “put under light” topic.

I am a student, in the most vibrant and enjoyable phase of life one can ever have! Almost all of my friends have girlfriends or boyfriends. I must admit it is a very normal matter in this stage of life. But these days, young people are not at all serious about their relationship. In fact they just consider it a “status symbol”, and as if being single is the most shameful aspect of life! Affairs and breakups are a frequent occurrence. Going out is quite usual. But wicked people often take these chances to blackmail. Hearing these, I was extremely astonished and shocked. However, it is an open secret for today's youth. Then a question came to my mind. We all know these types of relationships are not really permitted in our society or religion. Why is it still getting worse day by day?

Then one day, some of way friends had a frank conversation about these issues. After a long discussion majority said that switching between relationships and so on is just the need of the time. It is the era of globalization. Our young people are absorbing a lot from western cultures and lifestyle. As a result, clash of cultures and social values are creating trouble.

The matter is not that they do not have any respect for their religion or customs. But the changing mode of relationships and the flow of globalization is also a factor for our future generation.

I think we should take all the good things. Not the ones we cannot digest. We have to cross a long successful way along with modernism and values. Because no matter what you are doing, you should not forget your roots. Lastly, I want to suggest to all my friends, please take your relationships seriously. As night's dewdrops vanish in the morning, these “instant funs” are not going to work in the long run of life. Better be serious in your relations.

Eden College.


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