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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

A beautiful weather on Valentines Day, a gust of wind and a mind blowing concert. An irresistible combination organized by the finalists of the Project D-Youth contest was the last challenge before one team could be crowned the Brand ambassador of D-juice. The concert as a whole was the fruit of the hard work by two teams, Lobdhi and Sobiyasachi.

Entering the Bashundhara convention center one could feel the vibe of a stadium packed with supporters, similar to a world cup football match. The audiences were mainly from BUET and IBA, supporting their respective teams while head banging, going wild and throwing water bottles just to boost up a vague concept of a non existent rivalry between the two teams.

According to the judging criteria, the teams needed to focus on ticket sales, media coverage, promotional activities, creativity, and volunteer works.

Both the teams put their heads together with the previous teams and covered these criteria.

Lobdhi along with 12 D-youth teams campaigned their activities in various universities and public places. They sold tickets on horse carts starting from BUET to Baily road. They tried to reach the students by visiting their classes and promoting the contest through 1st of spring Utsav.

The team had its booths in IUB and South East with mobile banners in few other private universities.

While Lobdhi was giving their innovative skills more priority, Sobiyasachi strictly stayed within the line and carried out their activities, which included their presentations in the 6 halls of Dhaka University, NSU, AIUB, and few schools where they sold tickets autographed by the performers to attract the kids. In each presentation both the teams projected the Contest and the Noble concept of charity as the money for the tickets were all donated to the ASF. Sobiyasachi also organized some tournaments and sports events for publicity.

They also did media coverage with jay jay din, Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Inquilab, Daily Star, Shomokal, Jugantor, New age, Manob Jomin.

The main focus for the teams was to manage two bands, negotiating with them and in the end do a 10 minutes item, which was meant to be something different.

Lobdhi brought Shironamhin and Stentorian. In their item slot, Adnan from BRAC performed amidst huge applause. This was followed by Proma's (Lobdhi) solo song performance, Habib's Moina go, and Kobita pora.

Sobiyasachi on the other hand tried to do something out of the box. A fire spinning and a solo Dance by Sompriti definitely went with their concept. The two bands they brought in were Black and Yatri -- a combination worth going crazy for!

The event was made a huge success thanks to the effort of all the volunteers, which made this whole event a huge success. Miles, Aurthohin, Roots and D rockstars paved the rest of the concert. Elita, the young sensation, emblazed the crowd with her amazing performance.

The results will be announced in the closing ceremony on the 28th, were the fate of the two teams will be decided. As the judges will be focusing on the teamwork, quality and the overall attitude of the teams, the decision remains a mystery. So find out who becomes the face of the youth, the brand ambassador for D-Juice, on Star Campus or log on to www.projectdyouth.com.


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