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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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AIESEC and IUB join hands for internships abroad

Naomi Ahmad

AIESEC and Career Guidance and Placement (CGP) office of IUB formally signed an understanding agreement to train IUB students through various academically beneficial co-curricular activities and internships in foreign countries.

AIESEC is the largest international student organization in the world that has contributed in developing the lives of millions of students in the last 58 years. AIESEC runs an Exchange Program through which students get the opportunity to go for foreign internships to any country in the AIESEC network. The Office of Career Guidance and Placement (CGP) at IUB of was instituted in the late 2003 to provide academic, financial, personal and career development counseling; monitor academic success in relation to the world of work.

The ceremony was open for all interested IUB students, and faculty members from all the Schools of IUB to witness one of the much anticipated moment in the history of AIESEC in IUB - the day AIESEC in IUB officially joins hands with the Office of Career Guidance and Placement - agesture symbolizing the tremendous support from Independent University, Bangladesh in facilitating AIESEC internships.

The event started off at 5:30 p.m. with a few words from Dr. Tanvir A. Khan, Director CGP. He welcomed all the guests and spoke on AIESEC's relevance to today's world and in developing today's youth for the ever-growing challenges of their future lives. The Master of Ceremony Baizid Muhammad and Sabrina Nigar from AIESEC in IUB smoothly conducted the whole event.

A short presentation on the AIESEC Exchange Program was shown, which aimed to inform all interested students on how to apply for an AIESEC foreign internship and also highlighted how CGP would be facilitating the Internship program of AIESEC in IUB. AIESEC engages young students right at the moment when they are wrestling with the questions that determine their ambition and the direction of their future. And by developing these individuals, AIESEC encourages them to raise their voices in unison for the development of our communities with an overriding commitment to international co-operation and understanding.

Next two AIESEC members who had very recently returned home from their internships abroad through the AIESEC exchange program was invited up to speak a few words on their experiences. Munazil Chowdhury (School of Business, IUB) and Saiful Tareq Fuad (School of Environmental Science and Management, IUB) shared their experiences while on AIESEC internship abroad.

Munazil worked at DHL in the Philippines while Fuad worked as an intern for Project Synergy, organized by AIESEC Jaipur in India. They shared their eye opening experiences in Philippines and India and their thoughts on how these short-working opportunities has helped them grow and develop into a more matured individuals.

After this, the Memorandum of Understanding signing took place. On behalf of CGP, Director Dr. Tanvir A. Khan signed the agreement while current President of AIESEC in IUB Naomi Ahmad represented the organization. Ms. Farzana Hafiz from CGP and Eresh Ahmed Chowdhury, Vice President Finance AIESEC in IUB were the two witnesses. The Vice Chancellor of IUB Prof. Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury was then invited to speak a few words and he greatly motivated AIESEC members by praising their work and their commitment to the development of future leaders. He spoke very appreciatively about AIESEC and especially about its relevance to today's world in building bridges across nations and promoting cultural understanding and interaction.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Sabrina Nigar, Vice President People Development, AIESEC in IUB and then invited guests and students headed out for some light refreshment.

(The writer is President , IUB student AIESEC chapter)

IUB and AIESEC Signing agreement for internships
Written by : IUB student Ms. Naomi Ahmad, President , AIESEC chapter

The Book of Saladin by Tariq Ali

Reviewed by Efadul Huq

One handful of history and two handfuls of imagination what does that give? A spiced-up, not-at-all-boring history book that can entertain and teach all at the same time. If you suffer from history-phobia, then I urge you to get hold of a few historical fictions. One of the best among such historical fictions, according to me, is Tariq Ali's 'The Book of Saladin'.

The story revolves around the life of the Kurdish leader Salah-al-din (Saladin in the west) at the end of 12th century. Saladin hires a court scribe by the name of Ibn Yakub to write his memoir and it's through the scribe's eyes that the readers read the book. A series of interconnected stories follow. Ibn Yakub chases the events of the time as Saladin leads the battle to regain Jerusalem from the 'Franj' (Crusaders, one of the many Arabic words used in the book and explained in the glossary). At the core of the novel is a touching love affair between the Sultan's favourite wife, Jamila and the beautiful Halima.

Our narrator, the down to earth scribe, leads his own life under the shadow of Saladin, attending to everyone and hearing stories from the loyal retainers and members of the harem. All that and more combine to create a narrative journey that's appealing to any reader; even the one who wouldn't even glance at a regular history book.

Ali's sense of humour plays an important part in the novel. He has a fondness for not-so-clean jokes, as his description of Richard I of England clearly demonstrates. The dialogue between a heretical crusader and Saladin is loudly laughable; it goes to the extent of using offensive comments in perfect Latin!

Ali invites his readers to participate in the events of the time and to appreciate them from a different perspective. The central characters are very well drawn, the reasoning is plausible and the lifestyle of that time is clearly depicted… what more could be asked from a fictional memoir?

Anybody who hasn't read Tariq Ali can start with this book. I am sure they'll love it and track down the other books too.

Happy reading!

The book is available at Friends' Book Corner, Nilkhet.

Tit-bits: Tolkien and his wife are buried in the same grave! Below his name on the tombstone is inscribed "Beren" and below Edith's name is inscribed "Lúthien", in honor of two characters from The Silmarillion.


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