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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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21st Century Band Music By The Young Generation

Muhammad Shafaq Hussain

The number of musical bands is increasing gradually in Bangladesh. Most members of these bands are young in age, either from high schools or universities. Besides education they have chosen music as a recreational activity. The word Music has a deep meaning. It's a way of life. It brings harmony into life. Music defines peace, love, hate and so on. It's a way of expressing whatever a person holds inside. Over the years, music has changed a lot in our country. Music can mend broken hearts and can break barriers. It can shape our thoughts and minds, it can make us cry and it can make us smile. We've seen young people eager to do music on a professional level, while others prefer to do music just for fun.

21st century has modified the music world. They have made a new vision and fusion of the music world in Bangladesh. They have changed the scenario and atmosphere of music. The future of underground music in Dhaka looks brighter than ever with young bands emerging and concerts being held on a regular basis. Music is something that comes from inside and whatever comes from the inside is always real.

Here are few words from our young IDOLS…..

“From my childhood I was not really into music and all, but gradually my interests developed when I reached grade 8. In the past years band music did not develop well in our country. Then I thought we should develop the music world in our own way. Some of us can still be on track and make sure that what we are doing has value, can be appreciated and enjoyed by the majority.”

- Alex (Vocalist)

Band: F L Y

“This is Nafisa. Though I'm not in any band or professional groups but I performed in many musical functions when I was very young. My family members encouraged me to perform and to play any musical instrument. From my childhood playing guitar was my dream. 3 years back, I learned the guitar. Now it has become a passion for me. I think beside studies it is very essential to get involved in music.”

- Nafisa

“I've been playing drums for the last 5 years. Music for me is a diverse and endless field of ways to entertain and enlighten people. I have contributed in concerts of the Shabab Murshed Foundation, which is dedicated towards remembering Shabab's untimely demise and creating awareness against further such events. Also, I've actively taken part in concerts that help raise funds to create awareness against drugs (Say No To Drugs). I've also taken part in a concert to raise funds for Mr. Jaglul, who was suffering from Cancer.”

Nazim (Drummer)

Band: Eclipse

“I believe there are no rules any more and the choices are limitless. Still today in our country there are girls who live inside a box, with her desires locked. I'm not going to be one of them and bury my desires and dreams. That's why I decided to follow my dreams to be a musician. Although not looking forward to making it my career, I'm enjoying every bit of it. I think girls should come out and not waste time”.

- Tashwin (Vocalist)

Some assessment about music/song:

I love songs and music. Music really helps us in many ways. If you are upset then listen to songs which you like most. When you want entertainment, listen to songs. And yes when you feel lonely, please try to listen to your favourite songs.

(Student of Media & Communication, IUB)


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