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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 6 | February 18 , 2007|


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BRAC University 2nd Convocation

For the two hundred or so students present in the hall room, it was at once the happiest and saddest moment of their small lives.

Must-have college gadgetry

Shamma M. Raghib

The Bangladeshi college campus, which was an omen of coming-of-age, is now being transformed by a more palpable force: a squadron of laptops, cell phones and connectivity!

In February we remember a Language Movement veteran
Illustrious life of late Professor Mobasher Ali - An educationist and litterateur

Dr M Mosharraf Hossain

If individual popularity irrespective of one's professional involvement is taken as a dependable yardstick to measure his/her inner potentials then, by all means, Professor Mobasher Ali would be one who had been popular by his own merit.

Seminar on teaching English at EU

Hammad Ali

On the first day of Falgun, the 13th of February, Eastern University organized a daylong seminar on 'Teaching English and its Professional Applications in the context of Globalization'.

English is a stupid language

Aftab Ahmed Khan

Let's face it, English is a stupid language.
There is no egg in the eggplant.
No ham in the hamburger.
And neither pine nor apple in the pineapple.
And French fries were not invented in France.

Young Hearts Celebrate Spring

Sarah Z H

The onset of spring this year was not much the same as any other experience in the past. Instead of a swooping breeze and the playful presence of sunlight, dark clouds loomed over the earth making it look gloomier by every minute.

Fusion of facts and fiction about Bashanto (Spring)

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Spring is loaded with new shows, many of which are worth a close look. So what am I looking forward to?

Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the CovenantOne of the most mystifying objects from the past that still creates conjecture today is the "Ark of the Covenant".

A breathtaking experience in Atlantic College

Iftekhar Akter (Upol)

United World College is a college that encourages big ideas and service to humanity. It teaches students international and cultural understanding, personal and mutual responsibility and respect.

Milky Way Fortified with Calcium

Sara Goudarzi

Like milk, our Milky Way Galaxy and the rest of the universe is fortified with calcium, the stuff of strong bones.

Farmer's Symphony

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

“How many hours do we have to endure this pain?” I didn't answer my friend's question, because I knew I couldn't.

21st century band music by the young generation

Muhammad Shafaq Hussain

The number of musical bands is increasing gradually in Bangladesh. Most members of these bands are young in age, either from high schools or universities.

Nazia Ahmed

A beautiful weather on Valentines Day, a gust of wind and a mind blowing concert. An irresistible combination organized by the finalists of the Project D-Youth contest was the last challenge before one team could be crowned the Brand ambassador of D-juice.

Research shows AIESEC members are unique leaders

A research paper recently presented at the International Positive Psychology Summit in Washington DC, United States, shows that AIESEC members possess distinctive leadership strengths.

A visit to the People's University Library

Dilroba Begum

The People's University of Bangladesh was established by the PUB Foundation in 1996. It is government approved private university under the Private University Act, 1992.

The Novel Technologies altering your physical and mental landscapes

Md.Abdullah Al Sazzad

The very few technologies which are vigorously ruling the current world, Biotechnology (BT) and Information Technology (IT) are the premium sectors among them.

Study in Thailand in Comfort

Raad Razzaque

Bangkok, capital of Thailand and one of Asia's most dynamic cities, is the heart and soul of the country.

AIESEC and IUB join hands for internships abroad

Naomi Ahmad

AIESEC and Career Guidance and Placement (CGP) office of IUB formally signed an understanding agreement to train IUB students through various academically beneficial co-curricular activities and internships in foreign countries.


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