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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 5 | February 11 , 2007|


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Project DYouth Finalist LOBDHI: The Team's Tale

Farhana Afreen Proma

Many a times LOBDHI members have been asked, “What does LOBDHI mean?” actually, LOBDHI is a Bangla word that means the combined result of a lot of forces. A lot of forces acting in different directions creating an accumulated effect and the final results are called Lobdhi. Team LOBDHI, the finalist team of “Project Dyouth: Put Your Heads Together” competition is, in fact, a united effect of the efforts and brains of eight dedicated members.

In October 2006, when the gang from BUET got together and formed a team to enter the PDY competition, no one knew they were going to get this far. Of course there was the dream, the dedication and the determination, but what worked most was the urge to do something for the country. With this dream, we devised our business plan - to design and produce an exciting board game based on the Liberation War of 1971; which can convey the spirit of “Muktijudhdho” to the youth in an interesting and stimulating way. This was one of the most acclaimed business plans of the competition. We went through an interview session and marched ahead as one of the top 20 teams. The first challenge was raising fund for the Acid Survivor's Foundation. It was the first time we had to perform a huge management task - optimizing time for our studies and Dyouth work. Till then, we did not know managing time would become a regular, and almost inseparable part of our lives. After getting through the first challenge, it was time to make a Brand Advertisement for Djuice - an extremely difficult task for a breed of future engineers. After a long sleepless week, we finally came up with three ads, and were very glad to find out that one of our concepts was appraised as the best. Then came the imhungrybd.com challenge. It was truly fun working with 4 other teams. We made a lot of new friends. We made it through and secured our place in top ten. Next came the challenge where we had to improve productivity in a Garments factory. What could be better a task for engineers than that! We had put our best efforts and proved that we were the best. And then we were in the top 6, something to be really proud of! Then we faced the Transcom challenge. The sales we made were entirely by virtue of our ready wit and instant persuasion. Probably that's why, despite securing a relatively small amount, we made it to the next level - top 4. I

The most rewarding challenge was the Bottomly Home Orphanage challenge. Decorating a room for little children was the most fulfilling experience ever. We also got very close to Sobyoshachi, never guessing they were going to be the “oppositions” next. All members of Lobdhi and Sobyoshachi gave tremendous effort and the end product was literally spectacular.

The final task is to arrange a concert on 14th February at Bashundhara Convention Centre. We will be giving our level best to make this concert a fabulous success. Lobdhi started with a dream to do something for our country. We aspire to spread the spirit of Muktijudhdho all over the world in an interesting and inspiring way. We want to make our dream a reality and share our pride with the nation. The voyage that started four months ago, is now almost at its end. We want to express our sincere gratitude to Project Bangladesh and Djuice. To us, it has been a breathtaking roller coaster ride. We don't know where this epic journey will take us, but the memories will remain vibrant forever.

Lobdhi- profile

Team members:
Tahera Yesmin, Farhana Afreen Proma, Najmun Naher, Sharmeen Khan, Nusrat Sarmin, Md. Asif Sarwar, Md. Mahbubur Rahman Khan, S.K. Bony Yamin Khaleque

S.C: How was your team name selected? Lobdhi: Lobdhi means resultant. It implies our unity. Actually lobdh is the final result of all multidirectional thoughts. S.C: How did you select the members Lobdhi: We all are friends of same class having skills at different fields. After knowing about Project Dyouth contest we thought we can make the most balanced team of this competition. In our group we have everything. We have critics, we have optimists, we have pessimists and even we have our entertainer to always cheer us. S.C: What was the most fun challenge you faced so far?

Lobdhi: Bottomly Home Orphanage decoration challenge.

S.C: Which one would you think was the most difficult challenge of all?

Lobdhi: Transcom Electronics challenge.

S.C: How did this affect your academic life both in good and bad ways? Lobdhi: Being students, we did not have much experience about the real world outside the academic environment. Coming to this competition has helped us learn so much about the real life challenges we will be facing in very near future. In addition to our educational qualification, the experience gathered here will help us become more practical and focused as future entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. Bad side : Managing BUET education and project Dyouth has been really tough so far. On one side we are learning many new things in this competition and on the other side we are missing our friends and departmental gatherings.

S.C: Tell us something about your group. Lobdhi: When we formed our team we had a motto that no matter what happens we will work for our country. Our real business plan was to spread the spirit of Muktijuddho among the youth and new generation inside the country and abroad. This competition really gave us a platform to serve that job. We also have a long term plan to take this to a broader forum.

S.C: What are your suggestions for project Dyouth? Lobdhi: We want to see project D youth organized in a very large way next year. We want to see every student of Bangladesh participating in this competition.


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