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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 2 | January 21, 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

And then there were 6! The project D-Youth teams are now that much closer to the ultimate goal. Last week was the challenge of Mohammadi group garments in Nikunujo. The 10 teams gathered up at Mohammadi Fashion sweaters Ltd last week where the directors Mr. Jasim uddin and Mr. Navid Huque took them around the factory introducing them to each section and briefing them on the entire process. “We started in 1986 and currently we have about 7000 workers working in our garments. We are very proud to be facilitating the project D-youth with this opportunity to get to know this field better. Because I believe the youth of today are capable of creating revolutionary changes and if they develop their career in this field they'll be able to give a lot to this country. I wish them the best of luck.”- Director Jasimuddin.

In short this challenge required the teams to study the entire process starting from yarn making to finishing and propose amendments to improve the process as a whole. Their reports included a flowchart of the machine layouts, cargo movements, Human Resource and Quality processes, and subsequent to their studies they had to suggest necessary improvements, which they presented in front of the judges in a 15 minute presentation. Based on their suggestions and presentation, 6 out of 10 teams moved ahead to the next round.

Project Bangladesh, the enterprising young geniuses who made patriotism stylish with their red and green wristbands and Djuice, the pro-youth brand name that's already got the successful D'Rockstars campaign in their belt, have been the driving force behind this new competition to give the young people a chance to prove their potential through a fusion between business innovation and community work, which they term 'CSR' (corporate social responsibility)

Some of the suggestions the teams came up with in their presentation for machine layouts basically focused on shifting the linking, pouring holes in the floors instead of stairs, and rearranging the sections for smooth functioning. “We were surprised and pleased by the way the workers cooperated with us during their work hours and showing us around even when they were busy.”- Lobdhi

In the cargo movement amendments, most of them suggested the use of automated conveyer belts or ramps instead of using labors, using the inclination of steps for sliding materials down, and maximum use of the vertical spaces in the factory.

“Since Mohammadi group is one of the best garments factories in town, very few amendments could be made as the process was already efficient.”- Upgrade Level.

One of the noteworthy suggestions to improve Human resources was to arrange an assembly for the workers everyday, so that there would exist a sense of belonging and unity in their workplace.

However all the teams agreed to one suggestion which was to improve the day care-centre. They also proposed to have a drill for the workers for fire escapes as well as regular briefings on how the individual sections functions for more prompt service. The team Lobdhi proposed the introduction of the trend for rewarding the workers publicly to boost motivation and increase incentives.

The improvements in the quality process were mainly about introducing QC before washing and amendments in using precautions while working, such as wearing gloves and boots etc though it was already in practice.

Project Bangladesh and imhungry

The teams made comments on the garment's website as that is the first thing clients will look into, and also suggested remarkable changes.

“We are very amazed at how good these kids are. But it is true that this particular challenge will be judging their aptitude clearly separating the blacks and whites without any grey in between. They are analytical enough to actually point out the flaws, and it is no doubt appreciable.”- Navid Huque, Director Mohammadi group.

“This competition made us learn how to work under pressure, and this particular challenge changed our manners of thinking to a great extent. If we now see a sweater, we would know what's behind its making and value its existence. Project D-youth has surely pushed the lazy youth and taught them the value of corporate social responsibility.”- Moin, MAAS.

The 6 teams that survived the Mohammadi group challenge are:

Lobdhi, Upgrade level, Sobiyasachi, Rapid Soul Movement, Laal and Buet Bugs. The judges found Lobdhi to have come up with the best ideas in this challenge.

For this week's challenge each team will be given the responsibility of running one Transcom Electronics Ltd. showroom for one day during its regular hours of operation.

They are to:

- Maximize sales for the venue they are assigned to on that particular day.

-Come up with 5 ideas focusing on promotional activities that they feel can help improve retailing performance.

-Show how they have utilized the funds provided to them and justify their reasoning.

-Analyze current customer service and sales approach and suggest improvements.

-Provide ideas on how to improve existing merchandising & display setups.

Which of these junior Titans will make it through to the next round? Find out next week, same magazine, same section! when the teams “Put their heads Together”

Log on to www.projectdyouth.com for more info.


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