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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Thrill of exploring Bangladesh

Istiaque Uddin Rifat

Tours are always exciting and enjoyable, especially those with friends. Just imagine how exciting it would be if it is a 10-day long journey covering a large part of Bangladesh! We were lucky to have a chance to visit the east part of Bangladesh, covering Sylhet, Chittagong, Rangamati, Bandarban and Cox's Bazar all in a row. The tour was arranged by RUET authority for 4th year students. It is the only academic tour in our varsity life which gives some sort of relief from the hectic academic schedules. With two teachers and 80 students of our department (EEE), we went out to see Bangladesh.

It was a sunny morning when we started for the 10 day long tour, the one we cherished for last 3 years. The starting of the journey was exciting; we boarded two of our huge varsity buses. We the fazil boys were lucky, not being in the bus of girls!! Anyway after spending a night at Dhaka we began the real journey towards Sylhet. The crazy boys were singing all the time sitting at the back with rhythm of bumping of the bus. At sylhet we visited tea garden and Hazrat Shahjalal's mazar and halted at SUST. The next day the scenic beauty of Jaflong amazed us. From Jaflong we started straight for Chittagong, my home town. Everyone lost all their patience in this 12 hour long journey. But there were lots of excitement waiting for them.

The 4th day of the tour was for Rangamati, a wonder for those who never seen hills before. The zigzag roads there gave no fewer thrills than roller coaster ride. Next day we went to Kaptai power station. Actually varsity authority arranged the tour as an excursion to visit the power stations and other electrical installations. So we had to visit many of them, which were not much enjoyable anyway. But Kaptai is an exception. We went 109 feet below the ground level where the water flow is hitting the turbine. There you can feel the vibration of the turbine and flow of water through the concrete walls. It was a unique experience indeed.On the same day we visited Foy's Lake and Patenga sea beach. In line with the tradition of Chittagong, I arranged a dinner at my house in honor of the guests of my home town. Friends enjoyed the dinner being packed up in our small flat.On day 6 we started for Bandarban. To make the best use of time we had to start at 6am which was the toughest task to do. The drowsiness was blown away by the bumpy journey by "Chander Gari" through the hills of Bandarban. For adventure, everyone was riding on the roof of those worn out jeeps and there were no one inside!! We went so high that clouds touched us. The sun vanished when we reached Cox's Bazar. As it was off-season, we managed a luxurious hotels at discount rate. We spent three nights there in full enjoyment. It seemed the life is only for fun and there is nothing else.For most of us it was the maiden visit to the longest beach of the world. So the excitement knew no bounds when we went swimming in the sea. All the boys and girls were dancing and screaming around. At Cox's Bazar we split up into small groups and visited Himchori, Inani beach, Teknaf, Moheshkhali etc. Everyone seemed very serious buying gifts for dear ones from "Burmeese market". For bad weather we failed to visit Saint Martin.

The morning when we started our return journey from Cox's Bazar, it seemed everyone forgot to smile. There were tired faces all around. After another five months we will pass out and won't be together again. But the tour will be shining like stars in the sky of our memories always.

4th year, Dept. of EEE

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