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     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Eid planning and shopping

Sabrina Hasan Shoily

Hey folks! It's that time of the year, when we again start fasting, shopping and wait eagerly for the Eid's moon to come out, and I guess this is the only time when we switch on BTV to hear the famous song, “Romjaner oi rojar sheshe elo khushir Eid”!!..Yes guys! Eid is back once again!!! So, let's see how NSU girls plan to celebrate Eid this year and how many clothes they've bought this time!

Ashfia Farheen Raka, a second semester BBA student celebrates Eid in a very grand manner! Usually, amongst all the friends, she is the one with the highest number of clothes and accessories! Well, this year is no exception for this girl; she has almost five-six salwar kameez, three fotuas, two pairs of jeans, a skirt-top with scarf and few pairs of sandals!! And there's more…..she has matching jewelries with all the outfits! Talk about shopping! Raka has lots of plans for Eid this time. On Eid morning, she is going to stay at home because her father's colleagues are supposed to visit them. Then lunch would be at her maternal aunt's place. This time she is more excited for Eid because three of her aunts are coming to three places: Khulna, Chittagong and United States! “I am really really excited, because after a long time all the cousins will celebrate Eid together, we will have dinner at my grandma's place and then go for ice-cream late at night!” says Raka.

Syeda Tasmeem Jahan, a fourth semester BBA student is pretty excited about Eid as well. She has bought a simple but elegant cotton kameez with appliqué work for Eid this year and she is also planning to buy another kameez from a famous fashion house. When asked as to why she bought a cotton kameez whereas everyone else is buying all heavily embroidered chiffon or georgette kameez, Tasmeem said “I bought a cotton kameez because it's really comfortable and I can wear it at the university as well because it is not very gorgeous”. Shoes and jewelries are next in Tasmeem's shopping list, she is waiting for her midterm exams to finish and then will start shopping! On Eid day, Tasmeem plans to spend all day at her paternal aunt's place with all the cousins and from evening till late at night she plans to watch all the special television shows. Wasia Mehnaz Minna, also a fourth semester BBA student, has bought seven salwar kameez this year for Eid and she has received five more kameez from relatives!! She still hasn't bought any accessories and plans to buy them few days before Eid. Wasia has a very organized Eid plan. On Eid day, she is going to stay at home with her family; in the evening she will go to her mom's grandmother's house where all the relatives have a get-together every year. The next day after Eid, she will have an Eid party for all the relatives her home. The evening has been allotted for friends when they will probably go for ice-cream! On the third day of Eid, all her friends plan to go over to her home! Good Eid plans, what say?

Muhina Tasnim Haq, a third semester ETE student has bought a gorgeous chiffon kameez with sequined work and has received few more kameez from relatives. As far as jewelries are concerned, she didn't buy any, because her grandma's sister gives Muhina and all her cousins' jewelries during Eid!! When asked about shoes Muhina giggled and said, “Well, I went to New York this summer and bought lots of shoes, so I won't buy anymore shoes this Eid, on Eid day I will visit my paternal grandma where all the cousins will stay till noon. Then we will have lunch at my maternal grandmother's place and the evening will be spent at home watching television.

So those were the plans of few NSU girls, and ahem…..for the first time ever in her life, yours truly has a very confusing and uncertain Eid, well I was supposed to fly for Nepal and India on the 20th of October and I was supposed to celebrate Eid in New Delhi but seems like the plan will be cancelled because my grandmother is very ill and obviously we would not want to leave her in this state and enjoy a vacation abroad. So, right now, I am extremely confused as to what to do, I haven't even bought any Eid dress, no shoes and no jewelries! By the time you are reading this article, either I will be far away in Kathmandu or just sitting on my comfy couch here in Dhaka and reading it as well, hahaha!! So, friends, pray for me….hope you guys have a great Eid. Eid Mubarak to you all!!


For organising the Eid photographs we wish to thank Ishtiaque Bin Quashem, Khaled Bin Habib, Munmun, Badhon, Nayan, Sabita, Juthi, Rohan, Saddam, Litu, Shathi, Prova, Shoily and Sohel Iqbal


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