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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Eid ecstasies

Nazia Ahmed

Yes, our long awaited Eid is finally here! From the bustle in shopping malls, to Eid bonuses, and frequent trips to beauty parlours, it culminates in this much-awaited festival. The level of anticipation significantly varies within different age groups. For kids under 13 this holiday is supposed to be a BLAST! For people over 25 Eid is a fairly busy time (pocket draining), and for us “meddling youngsters”, Eid is a day where most of us will hangout between the other two groups.

-“ Its just like any other day, only boring” says Numair.
-“ Every year I suffer from stomach aches on Eid due to over eating in my relatives' place” says Fabin.
-“ Since there isn't any thing new to do on Eid, I'd rather sleep.” Says Shiplu.

But it is true that this “boring” day can be made into a blast with just the right ideas and plans after the family gatherings and all. So for all you whiners, here are some exciting yet unusual things to do for you on Eid holiday and to make it a memorable one!

Old Dhaka Eid: Since Dhaka's population loses much of its weight on Eid, New Dhaka by and large assumes a lifeless and deserted look. The joyous festive mood is much more manifested in Old Dhaka. If you are a New Dhakaite and have never seen Old Dhaka's Eid you might consider exploring it this time. The usual convoluted Old Dhaka traffic jam is gone and stays this way for a few days after Eid day. All you need to do is hire a rickshaw for two hours, go around as you wish and you are sure to get a feel of Old Dhaka's Eid. Then there is the famous mouth-watering Dhakaiyya cuisine.

Local Trains: This one is more or less depending on your curfew time, and the number of friends you can gather. The local trains are always on the move though at a much slower speed than our local buses, you can board a compartment since on Eid day there isn't any rush and its actually empty! Get a guitar and or a boom box and holler your way upto Narayanganj and back!

Ice-Cream Parlours/cafés: though it's a very typical choice, but then it is one of the inevitable ones. Club Gelato, Move n pick, café mango, and Banani 11 are the places where you are bound to bump into someone you know. The scoops are supposed to be within 70 bucks.

But just in case, our bighearted Shiplu bhai from Graphics (who is available everyday except Sunday through Saturday) has extended his generous hands to help you with the surplus amount. The good music and variety of flavours and “eye-candy” makes it an ideal place to hang out on Eid.

Boat Rides/ rickshaw Rides: Couples on this day don't really need a magazine to give them ideas to spend quality time as they can stay entertained by each other anyway. So boat rides in Gulshan lake and rickshaw rides on VIP roads, despite being the ideal hangouts for couples can also be enjoyed by friends.

The whole point is, if you want your Eid to be something memorable, you have to make the effort to make it filled with fun. So go create some super Eid memories!


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