Bill passed to offer one-stop service to businesses

Parliament yesterday passed “One Stop Service Bill, 2018” aiming to ensure business-friendly regulations and increase investment.

Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury placed the bill before it was passed by voice vote with Deputy Speaker M Fazley Rabbi Miah in the chair.

Placing the bill, Matia said it was very urgent to ensure delivery of the “one stop service" and make its management effective.

The proposed bill says a “one stop service ensuring committee” would be formed headed by a cabinet minister. 

Matia also placed the Pesticides (Amendment) Bill, 2018 for the rational use and quality control of pesticides to achieve food autarky by enhancing agricultural productivity.

The bill was sent to a parliamentary standing committee on agriculture for a scrutiny report within 15 working days. The bill aims to bring all activities under it, thereby annulling the Pesticides Ordinance, 1971 which was promulgated for controlling import, production, sale, distribution, manufacture and use of pesticides for agricultural production and welfare of people's healthcare.

Matia said pesticides were a sensitive agricultural ingredient and it was very important to ensure appropriate application by controlling exorbitant use.

The bill encompasses registration of dealers and their renewal and cancellation; licence awarding, renewal, handover and cancellation for pesticide import and production; use of labels; and pesticide preservation, control and price fixation.

The bill says a 26-member technical advisory committee will give advice on the registration of pesticides, quality control, implementation and application.


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