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    This book's subtitle, Sketches from my Life gestures helpfully at the book's content for it is about the full and colorful life lived by its

  • Efflorescence of South Asian Sci Fi?

    I have long been a reader of science fiction. Not just for entertainment, but also for insights useful for my research and teaching.

  • Church Bells and Darjeeling Tea

    The title of the book entices the reader. We all love Darjeeling tea, but why 'Church bells?' Zeena Chowdhury's experience of

  • Is It Truth or Dare?

    Those familiar with Nadia Kabir Barb's column Straight Talk in The Daily Star will be pleased with her short fiction debut Truth or Dare.

  • An Impression of Some Turbulent Days

    First published in 1973, Amy Geraldine Stock's Memoirs of Dacca University: 1947-1951, is not just another memoir. The current

  • Partition, 1947—Whodunnit?

    On August 26, 2017, DS brought out a special supplement on the1947 partition of Bengal. It contained fine articles on the subject by

  • Stories from the Edge

    A perfect read for the month of our victory, Stories from the Edge is an anthology of personal and deeply emotional narratives of our


    This is the fourth installment of the six-volume autobiography of Norwegian novelist Karl Ove Knausgaard and has been translated

  • The Art World is Essentially Male

    In 1666 Margaret Cavendish wrote a science fiction work titled The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing-World, although it

  • The Vanishing American Adult

    Benjamin Eric Sasse aka Ben Sasse is a freshman Republican Senator from Nebraska. A doctorate in American History from Yale, Sasse was named President of Midwestern University, Freemont Nebraska in 2010.