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  • A Review of The Sunset Club

    'Boorha Binch' is the term used by walkers and wanderers in the historical urban jewel that are the Lodhi Gardens in central New Delhi.

  • The Uprising of 1857

    There is perhaps no event in the long history of the British empire in India that continues to exert so strong and abiding a fascination as the great uprising of 1857.

  • Art Against Genocide: A Testament of Time

    As much as the ongoing Rohingya crisis is being extensively covered by the local and international media, the distinct lack of a serious

  • In an Old Metropolis Once We Lived

    When I put my first step

  • Pestilential Scourge - The Plague

    Published in 1947, the background of Albert Camus' The Plague is that of Oran, a coastal town of colonial Algeria. The author certainly

  • Professor Nurul Islam’s Odyssey

    This book is the story of Professor Nurul Islam, arguably Bangladesh's most famous living economist. The narrative begins with his

  • Once Upon a Night

    Surabala and I went to school together, played husband and wife, being the kids that we were. Whenever I went to their house, her


    Muhammad Zamir is a prolific writer, notably for the national newspapers of Bangladesh, and writes proficiently in both Bengali and

  • Social “Cannibalism” and the Edible Women

    The Edible Woman (1969) is the Canadian author Margaret Atwood's debut novel. It follows the story of Marian MacAlpin, a young

  • Going to Hatiya Island

    At first sight of our island, I confess