12:00 AM, December 30, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:34 AM, December 30, 2018

The richest and the poorest of them

Not many are familiar with the nuances of complex accounting jargons. It is quite challenging to decipher the income and wealth statements each candidate, running in the 11th parliamentary polls, submitted to the Election Commission. The Daily Star's Sohel Parvez and Jahurul Islam Sojol with the help of a few others have made an effort to crunch the data and analyse those to help readers in this regard. The affidavits of over 550 candidates of AL, BNP and their allies were analysed based on the value of their moveable and immoveable properties. During the exercise, The Daily Star found some interesting facts. Some candidates did not provide any information about their and their dependents' moveable and immoveable assets. Some made disclosures like having 10 tola of gold and other precious metals and ornaments without mentioning their prices, some claimed ownership of farms and non-farm land, buildings, and flats without mentioning their market value. One candidate in his affidavit said he has 20 tola of gold and other precious metals and ornaments but claimed their value to be Tk 35,000, much less than the market value. A former minister did not provide any wealth information in his affidavit. Despite the lack of uniformity and incomplete date in the affidavits of many, The Daily Star calculated the gross wealth of the candidates and their dependents based on the value of properties provided in the affidavits.

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