Development: PM seeks everyone's cooperation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday sought cooperation from all, irrespective of their party affiliations, in establishing Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country.

"We want to establish Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country in the world by ensuring the economic emancipation of people and freeing the country from hunger, poverty and the curse of illiteracy. For that, I want cooperation from all, irrespective of their party affiliation and views,” she said.

She said was responding to a question from ruling party MP Mohammad Shahiduzzaman (Meherpur-2) in Parliament during the PM's question-answer session.

In the eyes of the government all people, irrespective of their party affiliation and opinion, are equal, she said adding.

The Awami League does not believe in the politics of vendetta, she said.

"We believe in equality, brotherhood and unity. That's why we called for national unity on various occasions."

As an individual, one can be involved with any party or organisation and there can be difference of opinion, she said.

"It's natural in the democratic system, but sometimes it was seen that there had been evil attempts to eliminate the opponents."

Hasina then mentioned the assassination of the Father of the Nation along with other family members in 1975. She also referred to the assassination attempts made on her on multiple occasions.

While responding to another question from ruling party MP M Shahiduzzaman Sarker (Naogaon-2), Hasina said the anti-adulteration drive would continue untill the standard of food comes to a desired level.

To ensure safe food, she said, the anti-adulteration drive is being intensified while the executive magistrates are conducting the mobile court regularly.

Replying to another question from M Rustam Ali Farazi (Pirojpur-3), Hasina said steps will be taken to provide facilities of modern city in every village through constructing developed roads, communications, supplying drinking water, modern healthcare, quality education, developed sanitation and waste management, increasing the power and fuel supply, high-speed internet and expanding the market of consumer items.