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    Shera Rondhonshilpi 2018 Grand Finale

    The grand finale of the longest running reality show in Bangladesh, Shera Rondhonshilpi, was held at The Westin on 15 February, 2019.
  • Right on the button

    Buttons were invented in the 13th century, and got so popular that laws had to be made to limit their use. Although the use of buttons started because of the convenience of fastening clothes, they quickly became ornamental fashion and by the 14th century, wearing of luxurious buttons indicated wealth and position.
  • On the edge of anxiety's seat

    Do you ever feel like your mind is enveloping you in a hug, and not the nice, warm one, but a tight, suffocating hug that constricts your breathing, makes your skin sweat or your heart race in fear?
  • Best Cafés in Town

    Nothing turns a bad day into a happy one like a refreshing drink in a quiet corner of a café. Whether you want to spend a serene afternoon with your best friends, or whether you want to spend some quality time with yourself and a book on a rainy day, cafés are the perfect place to be.
  • Edith: the patisserie of wonderland

    Arbab Musa fell in love with food when he was only in second grade. He started spending more time with his mother in the kitchen than anywhere else.