Subeh Tarek

Formula IUT: The team that aims high

We take a closer look at Formula IUT, the team that secured the third position in Class 1 of Formula Bharat 2023.

5 Gmail secrets you wish you had known sooner

A few tricks hidden in the interface of Gmail can change your take on an efficient lifestyle. So to help you, we decided to let out some secrets from the chambers of Gmail. 

Attestation of documents: What to know

Where there is official paperwork, there is a need for attestation. But what exactly is attestation and why do you need to get it done at every step? 

How to build an audience online by streaming video games

With lockdowns keeping people stuck online and audiences shifting to digital platforms, there has been a surge in the supply and demand of video game streaming content both home and abroad. From mastering dexterous strategies to providing fun commentaries, gamers are now evolving their traditional gameplay with a sense of content creation.