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  • Tech vs COVID-19: How the coronavirus is bringing out the best tech has to offer

    The spread and devastating impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are unprecedented.
  • AI, data science and tech against pandemics: Precedence and possibilities

    Diseases know no borders and the threat of an epidemic is ever increasing with the number of all kinds of outbreaks tripling over the last forty years. While addressing a pandemic, experts usually want to know the following things about the disease: i) How quickly is it spreading? ii) Where is it going next? iii) What are the most effective actions one can take to stop it?
  • The Bangladeshi Perspective

    What do talented Bangladeshis have in common and how can we have more of them? Seeam Shahid Noor, currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics and Biology at Harvard University with a secondary in Computer Science, set out on his pursuit to find the answer to this question and started The Bangladeshi Perspective.
  • Tested: Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

    Asus already paved the way for dual screen laptops with screenpads in Asus ZenBook Pro 15 back in July, 2018. However, the ZenBook Pro Duo released in September, 2019 took this concept to another level.
  • The global video gaming industry Not as fun as it seems

    The gaming industry is currently richer than both the global box office and the music industry combined. By 2022, experts forecast it to produce USD 196 billion in revenue and tech giants like Apple and Google are trying to cash in on this by launching gaming streaming services of their own.