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  • Refayet Ullah Mirdha

  • Bangladesh budget 2019-20

    Tk 100cr fund for budding entrepreneurs

    The government is set to create a Tk 100 crore fund for start-ups as it looks to alleviate youth unemployment, which is progressively becoming an albatross for the country.
  • Highest ever export earnings in May

    Bangladesh raked in $3.81 billion in exports in May, the highest single month receipts in history, riding on the higher shipment of apparels, official data showed yesterday.
  • Gloom looms over Dhaka for lack of foresight

    Tougher competition in global trade awaits Bangladesh from next year when a mega trade deal among countries accounting for over 39 percent of the global GDP is scheduled to come into effect, sans Dhaka.
  • Cash incentive inadequate

    The government’s proposal to increase cash incentive by one percentage point for exporters is insufficient to jumpstart shipments from many sectors, said leaders of different trade bodies.
  • Import of knitted fabrics on the rise

    Import of knitted fabrics is spiralling thanks to the growing tendency of the Western retailers to demand the use of fabric from a