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  • Rasmia Rahman Amreen

  • Tales from Humans

    The Human Library, a place where books come alive, is nothing like an ordinary library visit.

    Gone are the times when children roamed freely in fields situated right outside their homes or in the heart of their school campus.
  • Lily: Vision in the making

    Women of this country often hesitate and feel unsafe on the thought of using a motorbike ride-sharing service because the rider was a male. Some of us might have thought, “What if there were female riders?” For them, there is good news.
  • Gamechanger in the Transport Industry

    Hussain M Elius is the current CEO of Pathao, the popular ride-sharing platform that helps passengers reach their destinations on time. Recently, they have also launched two new services call 'Pathao Parcels' and 'Pathao Food'.
  • Survivor

    I lie lonesome on the floor.