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Graft is his middle name

Internal GCC enquiry upon directive of LGRD ministry exposes countless misdeeds of suspended mayor Zahangir Alam

6d ago

Tk 2.60cr into thin air

A bank account was opened in the name of ex-mayor Zahangir Alam, and was later used for the transaction of Gazipur City Corporation’s money.

6d ago

AL abuzz with names for country’s next president

The most discussed question within the ruling Awami League at the moment is -- who will be the 22nd president of Bangladesh?

2w ago

AL to stay alert on the streets

The ruling Awami League and law enforcers will not create any obstacles but will remain alert during today’s sit-in protest in the capital and other divisional headquarters by the BNP and 32 like-minded political parties, AL leaders said.

4w ago

AL sketches out a ‘Smart Bangladesh’

The Awami League envisions a “Smart Bangladesh” by 2041, seeking to build a country that would be cost-effective, sustainable, innovative and knowledge-based.

Leaving 2 seats for alliance members: AL’s efforts to revive a fading friendship

Awami League's decision to not compete for two of the recently vacated seats, rather letting its allies vie for them, is aimed at strengthening its relations with partners ahead of the 12th national election, slated for January 2024.

AL Executive Committee: Old faces reign as members too

The ruling Awami League kept faith in old faces while choosing members for its central executive committee, the party’s apex body, just like it did when electing office-bearers.

Politics in 2022: AL ends it on a high note despite poor start

Political activities of the ruling Awami League in 2022 began slowly, after a quiet pandemic, and gathered significant momentum towards the end of the year.

Last working day for four secretaries today

Today is the last day of office for four secretaries, the top officials of the bureaucracy, as they are going on Post Retirement Leave (PRL) on the last day of this year.

By-polls to 6 seats: AL likely to give JP ‘walkover’

With the BNP out of the equation, the competition was supposed to be between the ruling Awami League and main opposition Jatiya Party.

AL rank and file confused who’s top joint GS

Among the ruling Awami League rank and file, confusion reigned about who actually tops the list of joint general secretaries.

Hasina banks on the same troops

Sheikh Hasina, who has been leading the grand old Awami League for 42 years now, will be at the party helm for the next three years as she was reelected the president for the 10th consecutive time.

Quader’s third term or last-minute drama?

The ruling Awami League is holding its 22nd triennial council today, which is likely to be a formality to keep the status quo in the party’s top leadership.

Al Nat’l Council: Number two is the number one question

The ruling Awami League is all set to hold its 22nd triennial national council on December 24 with only one thing certain: Sheikh Hasina, who has been leading the party since 1981 after she returned home from a long exile, will be reelected as the AL president for the 10th time.

Power, gas to get costlier

The prices of electricity, gas and diesel are set to increase one by one as the government pulls back the subsidies in keeping with the austerity measures.

AL has Tk 70.43 crore in bank

The ruling Awami League has Tk 70.43 crore in the bank and the party believes the amount will rise before the next national polls, thanks to the sale of nomination forms to the aspirants.

Prepare to face any crisis

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked top bureaucrats to get ready to face any crisis in the coming days.

AL unfazed by BNP’s 10-point demand

The Awami League seems unruffled by the BNP’s 10-point demand announced at Saturday’s rally.

AL under fire from allies

The ruling Awami League yesterday drew heavy flak from its left-leaning allies for ignoring them in taking many crucial political decisions  and also for already starting “electioneering” for the next national polls.

Probe S Alam Group assets

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for an investigation into the affairs of S Alam Group, which has been in the public discourse in recent times for its alleged excessive borrowing from the banking system in violation of rules.

Election-year bureaucracy: Govt in a bind over new picks

A massive reshuffle in the bureaucracy is awaiting the government’s nod in a year considered crucial in the lead-up to the next election.

December 10 rally: Govt, BNP at odds over venue

The government and the BNP appear to be on a collision course over the venue of the latter’s much-talked about December 10 Dhaka rally as neither would budge on its stance.

Spot LNG purchase by pvt sector gets nod

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday instructed the import of liquified natural gas from the spot market by the private sector as the government looks to alleviate the industrial energy crisis that is threatening to derail Bangladesh’s growth momentum.

No transport strike, no obstacles

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked the ruling Awami League leaders to ensure that no transport strike was called ahead of BNP’s December 10 rally in the capital.

AL likely to introduce three leadership posts

The ruling Awami League is likely to introduce three key leadership positions in the party -- two organising secretaries and a joint general secretary -- as the government is set to announce two new geographical divisions of the country.

BNP’s Dec 10 Dhaka rally: Cops, AL to be on high alert

Law enforcers have taken all-out measures, including keeping Dhaka city BNP leaders and activists under close watch, to preempt “potential subversive activities” centering on the BNP’s Dhaka rally on December 10.

PM steps in to ensure smooth food supply

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday instructed Bangladesh Bank to intervene if any bank faced a dollar shortage while opening letters of credit for importing food, fertiliser and other agricultural inputs to ensure uninterrupted food supply.

Fear or confusion not going away

The men on the ground, the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) members, have time and again stated that after every incident of violent crime in Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camps, the refugees point to the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa).

3 Zilla parishad polls: 2 ministers, 3 MPs blamed for defeat

Two ministers, three MPs and an Awami League central committee member have been accused of backing party rebels in the zilla parishad polls, which led to the defeat of three AL-sponsored chairman candidates.

Next polls to be tough for AL

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina yesterday urged her party leaders to start campaigning for the national election, slated for January 2024.

‘No factory has to shut’

Consumer goods importers and processors yesterday told the prime minister how the deepening energy and power crises were affecting their industries.

Now AL plans to flaunt strength

As the recent BNP rallies drew huge crowds in different cities, the Awami League is now preparing to hold rallies and other programmes across the country from next month apparently to show its strength.

Transport strike: Rally over, demands gone

While transport leaders held Khulna hostage for the last two days “to wage a war against illegal three-wheelers”, their vociferous demands fizzled out around the time the BNP ended its rally.

AL, BNP in overdrive to woo allies

The ruling Awami League and its arch-rival the BNP are working to bring like-minded political parties into their fold ahead of the next parliamentary election.

Sheikh Hasina’s 76th birthday: A steely resolve that sets her apart

She is no stranger to adversity. Her life has been plagued by tragedies. But none of those could break her resolve.

Govt may opt to go easy on BNP protests

The ruling Awami League has hinted it will try to handle BNP’s ongoing protests deftly, as the government is under “pressure” from the international community for its highhandedness towards the opposition programmes.

AL rebels: A problem party can’t solve

Mohiuddin Maharaj, organising secretary of Pirojpur district Awami League, is contesting the chairman’s post in the upcoming zila parishad elections as a rebel candidate for the second consecutive time.

It’s Tariqat, once again

Bangladesh Tariqat Federation has become a curious case in the country’s political landscape, which is now murky in the absence of effective opposition parties.

Ministers are the boss, bureaucrats real boss

Who is calling all the shots in government affairs at the moment, the ministers or the bureaucrats? The answer is pretty obvious.

Import of 300 non-essentials: Tax hike on luxury items on the way

The government is expected to increase the duty and taxes on 300 non-essential and luxury items such as SUVs, mobile phones and home appliances as it looks to rein in imports and ease the pressure on foreign currency reserves.

AL ranks irked over hike in fuel prices

On Sunday noon, Awami League Presidium Member Kazi Zafarullah did something unusual -- he ditched his SUV, hid his face behind a mask and got on a bus in front of Purabi cinema hall in the city’s Pallabi.

Rising cost of living: Fuel price hike not the last nail

Friday’s unprecedented hike in fuel prices, hot on the heels of increased electricity, fertiliser and gas prices, served as yet another massive blow to the people who are already struggling to barely survive amid surging living costs.

Think twice before taking up projects

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday issued a host of directives that include  stopping non-essential procurement and exercising caution in taking up new development projects.

Power sector external debt: Repayment may pose a challenge

The repayment of foreign loans in the power sector may worsen the country’s debt-servicing burden as the government will have to pay the lenders Tk 197,677.27 crore in the 30 years from 2024-25 fiscal.

Electricity crisis may worsen

The government’s plan for one to two hours of daily power cuts is failing, especially in the north, and the signs are that the electricity crisis may worsen across the country in the coming days.

Hope against hope

The government has assured people suffering from severe power cuts that the situation will improve after September when three new coal-based power plants start operation, but experts expressed doubts about it.

11 law enforcement units in charge of different parts of Padma Bridge

A day after Padma Bridge was opened, two young men died in a motorcycle accident on the bridge on Sunday.

Opposition to EVM hardens

With the next parliamentary election a year and a half away, major political parties, except for the ruling Awami League, are toughening their stance against the use of Electronic Voting Machines in the polls.

June 28, 2022
June 28, 2022

A tangled web: 11 law enforcement units in charge of Padma Bridge

A day after Padma Bridge was opened, two young men died in a motorcycle accident on the bridge on Sunday (June 26, 2022).

June 17, 2022
June 17, 2022

Local govt polls: Rebels sink AL

Gopalganj is considered an Awami League bastion as it is the ancestral home of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

June 14, 2022
June 14, 2022

Govt to go all out to arrest price spiral

The government will make all-out efforts to keep prices of essential commodities stable through measures like lifting all tariffs and taxes on their imports and taking stern action against market manipulation.

June 4, 2022
June 4, 2022

Padma Bridge: Grand opening on the cards

Never before has a celebration of such mammoth proportions been planned in the country. 

May 25, 2022
May 25, 2022

Inflation, forex pressure: Govt moves to rein them in

The government has ramped up its measures to contain the pressure on foreign currency reserves and inflation, drafting an action plan to discourage non-essential imports and bring relief to the poor and the vulnerable from the spiralling cost of living.

May 8, 2022
May 8, 2022

All-out effort to bring BNP to national election 2023: Hasina tells party

The government will make all-out efforts to bring opposition BNP to the next parliamentary election, slated for late next year.

May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022

Law not the same for two politicians from different parties?

Awami League lawmaker Haji Mohammad Salim, who was convicted with a 10-year sentence in a corruption case, has left the country for Bangkok.

April 24, 2022
April 24, 2022

Nahid murder: Cops zero in on killers

The youths who beat up and hacked 19-year-old Nahid Mia during the New Market clashes on Tuesday have primarily been identified and are now under police surveillance, said multiple sources, including law enforcers.

March 26, 2022
March 26, 2022

Roaring nation and the slogans

No uprising is imaginable without slogans -- be it in our country or elsewhere in the world.  

March 13, 2022
March 13, 2022

In EC formation, was AL’s political tactic at play?

The new Election Commission, led by Kazi Habibul Awal, is the first in the country’s history to have been formed through the enactment of a specific law, as prescribed in the constitution 50 years ago.