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  • Harsh backlash of protesting harassment

    The first time she stood up to her stalker, unable to take months of harassment, she was beaten up in public, where hundreds of bystanders stood by and watched.
  • Media: Between a rock and a hard place

    2019 has not been a comfortable year for the media globally. While nobody has yet tallied up the numbers internationally, 7,200 jobs were lost just in the U.S., according to the business and finance news organisation Business Insider’s own calculation.
  • Journalist, writer and blogger killings: Impunity under the radar

    Impunity under the radar
  • Is marriage a license to rape?

    Last year, 24-year-old Otoshi* divorced her husband because she had an unhappy and abusive conjugal life. Even today, she hasn’t been able to share the actual reason behind her divorce with her family members, except with her mother. The rest of her family and relatives blame her for failing to lead a domestic life with her well-off husband with a government job.
  • Why women are reluctant to visit ob-gyns

    It took two years for 42-year-old Solema Begum to meet a gynaecologist for a lump that was developing in one of her breasts.