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  • WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD instead of using the footbridge?

    Rahima Khatun tries to cross the busy Mirpur 10 circle, with her four-year-old daughter in her arms. She waits for a while and when the traffic slows down, she runs across the road.
  • Are the kids actually alright?

    School and college student protesters have returned to the classroom already but their hearts remain on the streets. Meanwhile, allegations have arisen that some institutions are penalising students for their participation in the student movement that sprung up spontaneously for safer roads.
  • Bruised and battered

    18-year-old Faisal Mahmud, a student of class XII, was injured when a truck ran over him near Shanir Akhra on August 1, while he and his friends were checking the licences of vehicles on that road.
  • The millennial farmers

    Remember the time in school when you were asked what you wanted to become once you grew up? And remember how everyone talked about either becoming a doctor or an engineer?
  • Hello, what is your emergency?

    It was with a lot of pomp and flair that the Dhaka Metropolitan Police launched the official “999” helpline last December; but half a year down the line, data shows that only one percent of the calls could be truly served.