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    Reporter/Feature Writer at Star Weekend, The Daily Star; Loves nature, arts, music and eating a lot of spicy foods. She can be contacted at

  • How long will it take for employers to offer childcare centres?

    Siddiquatul Haque, a former employee of the Bangladesh Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Limited, had to resign from her high paying job because she didn't have anyone to take care of her firstborn.
  • Free and Fair Coverage

    During the Dhaka City Mayoral elections of 2015, Samakal's senior reporter, Amitosh Paul, was assigned to cover the polling booth at the Uttara Girls High School Centre. Inside, he noticed a group of men—belonging to the ruling party—misguiding a section of the voters.
  • Mental Health 101

    The recent cases of suicide in educational institutes this year—nine cases of suicide at University of Dhaka (DU) and one at a residential complex of a private university—has opened a can of worms, exposing how poorly the mental health condition of Bangladesh's youngsters are dealt with.
  • Taxing Periods

    Like other remote villages in Bangladesh, in Barapushia, a small village in Gazipur, having your period is something to be kept a secret.
  • Flammable Existence

    For 20-year-old housewife Ripa, it was a usual weekend morning. Her one-year-old daughter Ayesha had woken her up at around 7 am and was repeatedly pointing to the window, wanting to go outside.