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    Reporter/Feature Writer at Star Weekend, The Daily Star; Loves nature, arts, music and eating a lot of spicy foods. She can be contacted at

  • Tricked, sold to a pimp for Tk 20,000

    After her father died, around two years ago, Rimu came to the capital from Jamalpur and started working at a readymade garment factory.
  • ‘I will not spare the scoundrel’

    Showing the handmade card she made for her elder sister on her 17th birthday on October 9 last year, eight-year-old Reana Asif (not her real name), the younger sister of an English-medium school student in Dhanmondi who died after rape, said, “I will not spare the scoundrel who killed my sister. I want justice.”
  • Victim blaming must stop

    Whenever there is an incident of rape, most people tend to say that it was the girl or woman’s fault, and question her character, social class, outfit, sexual experience, and lifestyle.
  • The inequalities in online education

    Most days of the week, Jagannath University student Ayesha Nijhum is seen sitting in an open field near her house in Gazipur’s Kapasia. The second-year student of management attends online classes on her cellphone for about two hours and prefers the field over her house due to the better signal reception in the open area.
  • Family Life During Pandemic: Lost rhythm in new reality

    It was not the family reunion that she had hoped for.