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  • Mohammad Jamil Khan

  • Police want postings on deputation

    Police have demanded postings on deputation in the Anti-Corruption Commission, Department of Narcotics Control (DNC), BRTA, and BIWTA to look after the enforcement and investigation activities of those organisations.
  • Police Week 2020: Demands pile up, unimplemented

    Yet again, the police are going to place at least a dozen demands during this year’s Police Week though more than two dozen demands raised in the last two years remain largely unimplemented, say insiders.
  • New ‘poison’ in old bottles

    October 9, 2019. Anwarpur village, Akhaura. The two correspondents went to the house of Abu Rayhan, near Hirapur High School, posing as Phensedyl users.
  • Alarming rise in drug abuse

    The number of drug addicts increased in the country with an average of 114 patients taking treatment every day at public and private rehabilitation centres last year, according to the Department of Narcotics Control.
  • Huji planned to form a ‘robber wing’

    They planned to form a “robber wing” of Huji in the country’s southern and northern regions.