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    Mahfuz Anam

    Editor and publisher, The Daily Star

  • 'Hatred' is the new terror

    The attack on Twin Towers by Al Qaeda launched the so-called “war on terror”. The massacre of 50 innocent worshippers in Christchurch should now trigger a global “war on hatred”. If the jihadists needed to be reined in, and correctly so, the white supremacists need to be stopped with equal vigour and urgency.
  • 'There's an attack on all forms of intelligence' - Arundhati Roy

    "Ultimately, in the long run, whether we win or lose, we are not going to be on their side. So we might as well do what we have to do as well as we can."
  • In our hearts forever...

    February 21 or Ekushey stands out as a defining moment in our history. A day that changed the course of the Bengali nation when a
  • Editor's Note

    Like the previous years, we are celebrating our 28th anniversary with yet another colourful, well-illustrated 200-page special
  • Building the 'infrastructure' of the mind

    Just as we need the most modern infrastructure for a fast-growing economy so also we need a robust “infrastructure of the mind” to build an advanced knowledge-based society whose fundamental features consists of the ability to differ on the basis of knowledge and think critically on the basis of reason.