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    Mahfuz Anam

    Editor and publisher, The Daily Star

  • Clash in Dhaka City Elections 2020

    Editor's take: So what else is new?

    Last Sunday, supporters of the BNP mayoral candidate for Dhaka South, Ishraque Hossain, and those of the AL councillor aspirant, Rokon Uddin Ahmed, clashed while carrying out election activities on behalf of their respective candidates.
  • Tribute To Sir Fazle Hasan Abed: He dreamt big and made them come true

    Abed Bhai, as Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was lovingly called by almost all those who knew him, was well into his fatal illness when Cyclone Bulbul struck Bangladesh.

    At 48 Bangladesh has much to celebrate on Victory Day which is a day that always brings with it mixed emotions.
  • Clash between Police and Religious Fanatics in Bhola

    Lessons from Bhola

    We express our deepest sorrow at the loss of lives and regret the killings and injuries suffered by the people in Borhanuddin of Bhola. As a people we abhor violence and as such cannot but be sad at the loss of lives. However, we need to examine why this happened and if there is any lesson to learn for the government, the law enforcers and us as a society.
  • Buet student Abrar Fahad Murder

    Commentary: It’s culture of impunity that killed Abrar

    Whenever a gross violation of law occurs, such as Abrar’s killing, ruling party leaders sing in chorus “nobody is above the law” and that “law will take its own course.” The truth is there are people above the law in this country, and the law takes its due course only when there is a “green light”.