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Md Shakawath Hossain awarded the Best Hospitality Business Professional of the Year

Recently, Md Shakawath Hossain was awarded the “Best Hospitality Business Professional of the Year” at Weekly Arthakantha Business Excellence Award 2022. He is currently the CEO of Unique Hotel & Resorts PLC and the Co-Chairman of the Bangladesh International Hotel Association’s (BIHA) standing committee of Planning and Development.

Rays4Hope: Spreading electricity in the peripheries of Bangladesh

Rays4Hope is one such organisation led by two NRB brothers, Zaid Nasr and Saif Nasr from Northern Virginia, U.S.A. Their story begins humbly, with the younger brother Zaid visiting Bangladesh, a few years ago to set up a medical camp along with his father.

Picsmela Organized Photographers Meetup2021

Picsmela is the first online photo technology tools operator in Bangladesh. The company organised a meetup programme for photographers at Brac Inn in Mohakhali, Dhaka on 24 October, 2021.

Designer Sonia Musa makes her debut in Dhaka

The new Sonia Musa Store in Banani DOHS is an addition to the glamour of the boulevard that boasts having it all. The boutique designed to create a space of warmth and comfort for the client who wishes to unwind in a lounge and high-end hospitality.

¬For every occasion — AMBI’S GIFT BASKET

In 2017, Umbarin Karim created the page, Ambi’s Gift Basket, which was quite a novel concept at that time, with hardly any competitors offering gift baskets through a Facebook page.

Happy 100th, DU!

The upcoming centenary of Dhaka University, on 1 July, is not only a monumental milestone for the institution, but also a matter of celebration for the whole country.

Things to binge-watch in OTT platforms this holiday

From Rajkumar Rao and Priyanka Chopra’s latest appearance in a movie, to Chanchal Chowdhury’s mystery-thriller, OTT platforms are all the rage at the moment.

Sports as a life-style brand, featuring LOTTO

For any emerging athlete, apart from raw talent, the correct guidance and tools are keep to gaining and maintaining fitness and health. A large element of sports involves the use of one’s feet,

The show must go on...

If you are not convinced, just imagine how your life would look like without the Internet during this pandemic. How would you safely stay in touch with your loved ones? How could you have continued with your classes or work?

Better food storage solution from Hitachi

For a truly upscale, premium storage solution, many households are choosing the French Style units.

A different Eid

Prepare a decent meal, share whatever is in your stores. And if you feel like, don a piece that is special, if not new. Dress up in the morning, and get set to enjoy the company of loved ones virtually, thanks to technology which has made these tough times of isolation that much easier.

Banishing study overload

Stress is an all prevailing issue now, gripping every single age group. Not even the school-going youngsters are free from it. It is simply unfathomable how a child out of pre-school needs to learn not only difficult spellings in two languages, but also the times tables, with a grasp on the basics of world history.

Lotion to the rescue

It comes without saying how important it is to apply body lotion after taking a bath. But did you know that the lotion prevents the build-up of static electricity by acting as a barrier. Whatever remnant is left on your hands, just rub it onto your clothes to diffuse the shocks.

Good ol’ Vaseline hacks!

From fulfilling your beauty staple basic needs to using it for the most bizarre things, Vaseline is one of those products that resides in everyone’s house, small or big — a tub of Vaseline is the quickest fix to all your dehydrated and cracked skin needs. Here’s a quick reminder this winter of all the other things you can use it for.

Mithaiwala’s place

The word ‘mithai’ has the same meaning in lexicons of Bengali, Urdu, and Hindi languages, and evokes the same sense of pleasure, and joyous emotions we feel in celebrations and festivities across the subcontinent.

Lip care for the winter

Unlike other parts of the body, the skin of the lips is a lot thinner, making it more prone to dehydration, especially during the fast approaching cold winters. Without properly moisture, they look dry, and chapped when dehydrated.

The Eatery’s Brazilian affair

Four Points by Sheraton Dhaka was the place to be for an unforgettable Brazilian gustatory evening last week.