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  • Hasan Ferdous

    The writer is a journalist and author based in New York.

  • Relax, America is not falling apart. Not yet.

    Two days ago, I received an earnest query from a friend in Dhaka. He was concerned that the US was showing some signs of becoming dysfunctional. Could it be that the Empire itself may soon become a failed State?
  • Decency vs Banality

    Last week we witnessed two extraordinary events. First, President Barack Obama bid farewell to his fellow countrymen. He shed a drop
  • Too late, too little, Mr. President

    President Obama's heroics at the fading hours of his presidency may have come too late too little, but it was just enough to ruffle both
  • Let's talk polls and politics

    There is some very good news for Bangladesh's ruling party in a poll conducted by the US-based Democracy International. More about that later. Let's for a moment focus on the value of opinion polls.
  • The complicity of silence

    There is a genocide taking place in Myanmar. An entire people is in the process of being annihilated. Entire villages have been plundered, mosques have been torched, people have been killed.