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  • What not to do in your undergrad years

    A good number of you adrenaline junkies out there doing your undergrads would find the idea of being advised with a “NOT-to-do” list borderline preposterous. After all, these four years encompass the firsts and lasts of a lot of carefree adventures.
  • Nurturing the hidden talents of our youth

    Passionate, forward-looking youth must be groomed and guided in order for them to contribute in the sector that best suits their skills, said experts at the 'Skills for middle-income Bangladesh: Preparing today's youth for tomorrow's challenges' roundtable on July 18, 2017.
  • How to be genuinely likable

    Who doesn't like to be around a vibrant and lively soul? A soul that seems to be so “naturally” likable and charismatic that you almost always crave their vibes and even wish you were like them.

    While most of the world is busy embracing new businesses and startups, we often leave the artsy and creative stories out for the fag end.
  • 5 personal branding rules to follow

    Your personal brand is what separates you from everyone else in the world. Once people begin to identify you with a specific area of expertise, you are well on your way to becoming the go-to person in your niche or business arena.