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  • Mandar the mother tree

    Mandar the mother tree

    During the first week of this March there was unexpected weather in the country. Forest was no exception. When I tried to hit the
  • New denizen in Bangladesh bird terrain

    New denizen in Bangladesh bird terrain

    A few Bangladeshi photographers captured shots of a new species of bird for the first time in the country. It is a Chestnut-cheeked starling that breeds in parts of Japan and nearby Russia.
  • Mro life on the Sangu bank

    The lady of the house carried the first batch of drinking water from the nearby dying Sangu River with her two-month-old daughter in tow.
  • Why mainstreaming biodiversity is the call for the day

    We have become familiar with the term biodiversity today due to the Convention of Biological Diversity [CBD] that was
  • The vibrant Tanguar Haor

    A chill in the third week of April is unusual in the Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj.But because of El Niño and other erratic weather patterns caused by global warming have made the world climate unstable.