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  • Social protection budget for FY2021 falls short of expectations

    There have been lots of debates and disagreements with regard to the economic cost of Covid-19 in Bangladesh. In particular, the debate concentrated on GDP growth rate in FY2020, which ranged from 1.6 percent (World Bank) to 5.5 percent (Budget Speech FY 2021, Ministry of Finance [MOF]).
  • In this moment of crisis, the poor and needy must be aided with cash support via MFS

    Bangladesh has started dealing with the severe consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic in earnest, with curtailed economic activities manifested in factory closures, cancellation of and/or sharply reduced export orders, falling remittance inflows, and depressed demand for domestically produced goods and services.
  • Taking care of our senior citizens

    HELPAge International, a UK based think tank, produced the 'Global Age Watch Index' which ranks countries according to the social and economic well-being