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Inspiring quotes from Shah Rukh Khan to live by

Shah Rukh Khan rules the Hindi film industry with his powerful screen presence and charming smile. Here, we have gathered some truly inspirational quotes from Shah Rukh Khan for an uplifting and successful time ahead—

Top 7 travel destinations in Narayanganj

Narayanganj, located on the banks of the Shitalakshya River and the outskirts of Dhaka, has many picturesque travel destinations that will make your weekend getaway special. To help you have an amazing time and a relaxing vacation, we bring you the top 7 tourist spots to visit in Narayanganj.

On the love for matka cha

Cha is a beverage that brings people closer, effortlessly complements our ‘adda’ sessions, and adds warmth to our chilly evenings. As winter has announced its arrival, matka cha is trending once again. Its smoky and sweet flavour is a pure delight to the taste buds that would give the cinnamon latte or luxurious espresso from any 5-star hotel a run for its money!

Your must-have breakfast grocery list

Not many of us tend to have a healthy breakfast — either for a shortage of time or merely out of laziness. Having a well-stocked kitchen and freezer means you can mix and match different food items and grab a convenient and filling breakfast easily. For that, you need an organised and thoughtful grocery list so that you do not have to zig and zag all around the store to find your desired items. 

Top 5 places to visit in Munshiganj: Mawa Ghat, Idrakpur Fort, and more

Wondering what places to visit in Munshiganj? To ease your confusion and make your visit more pleasant, we bring you the top five places to visit.

5 must-see travel spots in Sylhet

Sylhet is known for its highlands, swamp forests, and haors. The breath-taking beauty of Sylhet’s green surroundings and the welcoming nature of its locality is sheerly irresistible — in very few places in Bangladesh, you will find the mesmerising hillside beauty that Sylhet possesses. So, why wait to visit and see the vibrancy and exquisite travel places of Sylhet?

Bangladesh Kennel Club helping you understand your dog better

How many of us are aware of the right ways to care for our adored pet dogs? Or know the methods by which you can accommodate your doggie’s particular needs? Being a responsible dog owner is not easy, and it is much more than making sure that the bowl of our furry friends is full to the brim. To create awareness about how to look after a dog correctly and discern the right breed so that your pet receives a tailored care, Bangladesh Kennel Club organised a seminar on 18 November, 2022.

Dressing up your washbasin with few easy steps!

Washbasins are an essential part of your home décor — no matter whether it’s the kitchen sink or bathroom washbasin, they can make a weighty impression on your guests, and speak for your taste and cleanliness. A well-designed washbasin area can easily have a positive impact on your mood and brighten up the interior of your humble abode. And luckily, you can achieve an aesthetic and well-organised washbasin area by following some easy steps!

Green Me: Welcoming greenery and sustainability at your doorsteps

Who does not love to walk barefoot on the dewy grass and bask in the freshness of nature? Nature heals, and studies show that being surrounded by greenery can reduce our stress, anxiety, and even anger, and generate pleasant feelings. Nowadays, we find the sight of vegetation in the urban areas of our country very rarely, and it seems like Dhaka has been rid of its greenery completely. To promote urban plantation, Green Me — an urban greening and farming service provider — started its journey in 2019.

Top 5 places to visit in Sreemangal for a memorable winter

Although Sreemangal, often spelled Srimangal, is famous for the countless hillocks full of evergreen tea gardens, it is equally endowed with many charming and breath-taking tourist spots. If you are planning to spend your upcoming winter vacation in the solitude and beauty of nature—while being surrounded by lots of vast green countryside—then take a trip to Sreemangal and be in communion with nature while enjoying stunningly designed resorts.

Simple rules to quit smoking

People don’t smoke merely out of habit, there are many other reasons deeply intertwined with this harmful practice. Numerous factors such as social contexts, peer pressure, anxiety or loneliness can largely influence a person’s smoking behaviour. But we need to realise that tobacco is such a drug that only steals from us — our money, health, and well-being.

5 simple mindfulness exercises to brighten up your life

Mindfulness exercise involves being present in the moment, observing our thoughts and emotions and sustaining the awareness of our bodily sensations and surrounding. Here are some ways on how you can exercise mindfulness to calm your mind and move past negative thoughts and emotions.

Top 5 wellness apps to maintain a healthy lifestyle

The pandemic has changed our lives drastically and now, we are much more conscious and vigilant about our health and wellness. And exactly for this reason, wellness apps have gained immense popularity in this post-pandemic era. These wellness apps are easily accessible, insightful and usually free.

Warrior Women Bangladesh: Empowering girls with martial arts

The social scenario of our country offers a disturbingly grim picture to us and the number of sexual violence cases is on the rise. It is distressing and proves that we have not progressed much as a nation. To help women fight back, teach basic self-defence strategies and rewire their mindsets to end the cycle of abuse and trauma, the Warrior Women Bangladesh project began its journey in September 2017. The project took its shape under the guidance of Mashroof Hossain, a Bangladeshi police officer and Abdullah Mohammad Hossain, the chief instructor at KO Fight Studio and the country representative of World Karate Organization (WKO), Shinkyokushinkai Bangladesh.

Making the most of your travel photography

These days, travel photography has become an inseparable part of travelling. Developing an efficient eye for travel photography is an ever-evolving process as every travel destination has its distinctive culture, landscapes and stories to display. Hence, it is not a very easy task for an amateur photographer to snap a perfect shot with one click of the camera. However, having some tips and tricks in mind, we can empower ourselves with photography skills and equipment and collect beautiful images with the cameras that we have at our disposal.

Tips and tricks to survive load-shedding

Load-shedding and power cuts are now common phenomena in Bangladesh, and sadly, these are both unpredictable and can last for hours. And the current energy crisis engulfing the whole country has done nothing but increase our sufferings. No matter how painful load-shedding is, this regular occurrence has become an inseparable part of our lives—just as the agonising traffic jam and much-dreaded water logging. With some prudence and precautions, we can make the hours that we have to spend without eccentricity less distressing and perhaps, useful and productive. Below some pointers have been laid out for you to deal with load-shedding smartly.

4 reasons why Chandni Chowk is your most affordable shopping destination in Dhaka

Known to many and visited by most Dhakaites — Chandni Chowk, Gawsia, and New Market — the holy trinity of inexpensive and trendy apparels certainly need no new introduction. Yet, the legendary Chandni Chowk stands out the best as it offers an astounding number of cheap deals and fashionable attires with twists of deshi taste. Although it is not easy to find one’s way around the winding narrow alleys, teeming crowd and never-ending shops in Chandni Chowk, this crammed and busy shopping hub undoubtedly remains the most affordable shopping destination in Dhaka city.

Style guide for wearing jeans that fit you well

The appeal for jeans is universal. We have all seen, admired and worn them — the classic skinny jeans, the retro boyfriend jeans, the flares aka bell-bottoms — denim are certainly an indispensable anchor to any wardrobe and are donned as casual wear by many. Again, it is unanimously acknowledged that denim pants never go out of style, and they function as versatile wear in countless occasions; however, ill-fitted jeans can be anyone’s worst nightmare and negatively impact the overall look. Here are some tips to help you choose jeans that complement your natural form.

Smartphone apps that will help you during Hajj

From simply getting correct directions to helpful pointers for performing Hajj, there are many smartphone apps available just with that aim.

Embracing Hygge décor for a cosy home

Hygge décor refers to the minimalistic interior decoration that prioritises the qualities of cosiness and ease and incorporates the Danish idea of hygge.

Beauty Service Owners Association of Bangladesh elects new executive committee

The Beauty Service Owners Association of Bangladesh (BSOAB) organised a press conference to introduce its newly elected executive panel for the 2021-2023 term.

Dan Foods Limited introduces wholesome premium lachcha and soft drink powder

Dan Foods Limited — the manufacturer of the well-liked and reliable snack brand Dan Cake — has launched two new products: Dan Foods Premium Lachcha and BREEZ soft drink powder.

Quit smoking with these convenient apps

Numerous people embark on the journey of giving up smoking for good—yet unfortunately, many fail due to the lack of motivation and effective aid. So, to make this process easier and successful, various apps can be your trusted allies and guides.

Selecting cushion covers? Let us show you how

Cushion covers are an essential part of any home, and the process of choosing them does not have to be a daunting one! Here’s a quick look into the trending cushion covers for the new year.

Fireworks, negligence and accidents: Lessons to learn from past celebrations

Every year the sky of Old Dhaka is lit up with fireworks to mark Shakrain Festival, and this year will be no different.

SME fair 2021: Endorsing local entrepreneurs and cultural goods

To promote and expand the locally produced products and entrepreneurs on both national and international platforms, the SME Foundation has organised the ninth National Small and Medium Enterprises Fair 2021 at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC).

QRIUS inaugurates Winter Exhibition 2021

Although Bangladesh is known as the land of six seasons, winter stands out among the rest for its fog, mists, and cold air.

Exclusive jewellery collection by Araaz

Jewels and jewellery are always alluring; they have the power to hold their wearer and beholder captivated. From ancient times to this modern era, the love for jewellery has boldly and firmly resided in the hearts of women and men too.

Araaz Ceramics: A new enterprise providing fine quality dinnerware

Good food rarely fails to please our palate, and if such delicacies are served on aesthetically designed ceramic and porcelain dishes — they will certainly satisfy the five senses of any enthusiastic gourmand.

Farah Anjum Bari In celebration of sustainable fashion

When asked, Bari said, “I have always derived inspiration from my surroundings, and this year has been no different. Being focused on sustainable fashion designing, I have tried to style my clothing line in such a manner that is both eco-friendly and hand-crafted.”

The best breakfast places in Dhaka city

However, morning meal items are not much celebrated in Bangladesh, and our gastronomic indulgence essentially focuses on rich and fatty foods such as kachchi biriyani and polao.

Sujat Shimul shares his ambition, philosophy

Talented actor and theatre artiste Sujat Shimul has entertained the audiences with his versatile roles in both films and tele-fictions.

Musical festivities for Abanti Sithi

Abanti Sithi won many hearts with her melodious voice and engaging performances on stage. She became a musical sensation soon after her participation in the popular Indian reality show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”. Additionally, she is known for her ingenious ability to whistle, and use cups to give an impressive musical performance.    

Simple ways to uplift mood and mind

According to research studies, there is a strong and intimate link between good mental health and good physical health and vice versa; hence, we need to make sincere efforts to keep our mind and mood in optimal shape.

An inexpensive guide to mood-lifting décor changes

The inner space of our humble dwellings is intimately connected to our physical and mental well-being; and so, we can unanimously agree that the home décor evokes both positive and negative emotions and immensely impacts our mood.

Treenayana: Life enhancing products from Satori Meditations

Amidst the busy and crowded Dhaka city, a calming oasis is what describes Satori Meditations, where the Satori Foundation has launched a conscious lifestyle brand, Treenayana. 

Flip flops can be fashionable too

Back in the day, flip flops were traditionally chosen for their casualness and comfort, but nowadays these are worn on various occasions along with causal outings.

Wallpapers to make your interior livelier

If you want to give your walls an illusionary effect, opt for textured wallpapers. This type of wallpaper is gaining popularity for its three-dimensional depth — as it virtually emerges out as a 3D shape. Both fabric and wallpaper can be combined to create a beautifully textured wall surface.

Latest curtain trends of 2021

The curtains present in our home certainly make the home décor look better along with giving us protection from dust, direct sunlight, and guarding our privacy. There is no denying that finely selected and fitted curtains can greatly help in adding an elegant dimension to the interiors; hence, let’s explore the latest curtain trends.

The conundrum of commuters’ woes in Dhaka city

Commuting in Dhaka city can be tricky, nerve-wracking, and both emotionally as well as physically exhausting. Most of all, one may contract anger management issues and find the need to consult a psychiatrist after manoeuvring in this city that is home to more than 18 million dwellers.

Colour the stress away

Colouring may seem like a very simple exercise of illuminating surfaces with hues, but its restorative and therapeutic aspects are many. It ranges from aid in the treatment of different psychological disorders to working as an ideal mental stress reliever.

Essentials for the monsoon season

Monsoon is gradually arriving with its freshness and intermittent heavy rain showers. Weather during the rainy season can be pleasing, and tempt us to crawl further into the bed and relax. However, conducting daily tasks outside and navigating the streets during the monsoon can be tricky business, especially for city dwellers.

Therapeutic effects of music on our body and mind

The therapeutic benefits of music are abundant. It is the music that stirs our emotions, enriches our life with melody, and often times aids us to overcome our melancholia.

Practicing self-care during a time of uncertainty

It is justified to be fearful, but let’s not forget that we need to take care of ourselves for the sake of our loved ones as well as ourselves. The term ‘self-care’ can be exceedingly helpful in coping up with this current ‘limbo’ and enhance our capability to take care of ourselves and others.

Mindfulness and the quarantine

In addition to protecting our physical health from the COVID-19, we must be conscious of how to maintain our mental wellness. As fear, confinement, and uncertainty test us, practicing mindfulness can provide us some much-needed emotional nutrition.