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  • Asifur Rahman

  • Primary schools may also reopen next month

    In line with the resumption of secondary-level schools and colleges, the government is also planning to reopen primary schools and kindergartens after 10 months of shutdown.
  • Power Generation: Overcapacity a new headache

    As much as 60 percent of the country’s power generation capacity remained unutilised in 2020 because of a lack of demand for electricity.
  • Household Gas Supply: Acute crisis hits many areas in city

    Residents of many areas in the capital have been facing an acute gas crisis for the last few weeks due to an inadequate supply of piped gas.
  • South Korea-bound students’ visa conundrum

    Right after graduating in 2017, Hamim (not his real name) started submitting scholarship applications for master’s programmes abroad. In the meantime, he kept working as a marketing officer for a private organisation.
  • The unlucky 7

    A master’s student of chemistry at Dhaka College who was planning to finish post-graduation a while ago, he is now waiting impatiently for his remaining exams to be over so that he can shoulder some of the family responsibilities that his father bears alone.