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  • Shakrain festival in Bangladesh 2018

    Shakrain: The festival of kite, light and fire

    Have you ever seen the sky flooded with kites, lights and fireworks during the Shakrain or Ghuri Utshob that brings life to the most congested part of the Old Dhaka? Watch our Star Live video on Shakrain to know more.
  • Story of a renowned sculptor

    Haripada Pal, a versatile artist aged over 60, is one of the most renowned sculptors in Bangladesh and has attained fame for his lifelong devotion and passion in making endless number of sculptures. Watch the video to know his story.
  • The forgotten citizens of Rakhine State

    The forebears of Rohingya refugees Mohammad Alam and Mohammad Ali were Myanmar citizens. The two even voted in the 2010 general elections.
  • Exploitation: Rohingya man sells 7 cows at Tk 8,000

    A small border hut in Ghumdum of Ukhia in Cox's Bazar was full of cattle and was offering cows at surprisingly low prices on Tuesday.
  • Traders exploit Rohingya refugees: 7 cows sold at Tk 8000

    Last Tuesday, when we went to the Bangladesh-Myanmar border area to cover news of Rohingya refugees in Ghumdum of Ukhia, we came across a small border bazaar (local market) full of cattle. What amazed us were the price tags of the cows -- most of them were being sold at Tk 10,000 to Tk 15,000.