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  • The forgotten citizens of Rakhine State

    The forebears of Rohingya refugees Mohammad Alam and Mohammad Ali were Myanmar citizens. The two even voted in the 2010 general elections.
  • Exploitation: Rohingya man sells 7 cows at Tk 8,000

    A small border hut in Ghumdum of Ukhia in Cox's Bazar was full of cattle and was offering cows at surprisingly low prices on Tuesday.
  • Traders exploit Rohingya refugees: 7 cows sold at Tk 8000

    Last Tuesday, when we went to the Bangladesh-Myanmar border area to cover news of Rohingya refugees in Ghumdum of Ukhia, we came across a small border bazaar (local market) full of cattle. What amazed us were the price tags of the cows -- most of them were being sold at Tk 10,000 to Tk 15,000.
  • Diving for a living

    Would you believe that some people still make a living out of diving in ponds and water bodies to recover jewellery or precious possessions lost by bathers?
  • Delving deep into perennial waterlogging of Ctg

    The waterlogging plague of Chittagong city returns yet again this monsoon, triggered by the incessant rainfall over the last few weeks.