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  • A love letter to the Honda s2000

    Honda seemed to have missed the memo of the directive by the Japanese government in 1955 for a "people's car" and debuted the Honda S360 almost a decade later, follow in succession by the s500 and s800. Turns out, a drop-dead 360cc chain-driven roadster was exactly the genesis Honda looked-for.
  • The last air bender

    Air cooled Porsches are held in high esteem in the hearts of Porsche aficionados and petrolheads alike. Small wonder when they reply with the 993 when asked about the best Porsche ever made.
  • Unbreakable: 2005 Toyota Hilux resto rebuild

    The red TRD pro-esque 2005 Hilux came to be an adventitious decision by Fahmid Ishtiaque Ahmed, as he wanted to fish for something unique in a sea of numerous Defender and Patrol builds. This sweet 4x4 is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. I am sure Marty McFly would be proud.
  • The Urban Outlaw: 1982 Toyota Corolla GL

    Tokyo Hippari nights in Dhaka feat. a lowered, flared old Corolla
  • 5 cars you (probably) didn’t know were developed by racing drivers

    In February of 1989, a gaggle of Honda engineers were awaiting the newly crowned World Champion’s verdict on the company’s most ambitious project ever;