The curious case of Joj Mia (video)

Petty criminal Joj Mia, was falsely implicated in the August 21 grenade attack cases. Officials of the Criminal Investigation Department arrested Joj Mia from his home on June 10, 2005. He was later found innocent and released from jail after around three years.

Aug 21 carnage: Who did it? (video)

The gruesome killing on August 21, 2004 was one of the most shocking political crimes in the country's history. But what is more shocking is the list of the culprits behind the attack that has come into light after latest investigations.

Living with pain and trauma (video)

300 leaders and activists of Awami League barely escape with their lives in the grenade attack which kill 24 people in a party rally at Bangabandhu Avenue rally in Dhaka on August 21, 2004.