Published on 12:00 AM, July 27, 2018

'Ranga Shokal': Your morning dose of entertainment

A still from the show 'Ranga Shokal'

Maasranga Television's popular morning show Ranga Shokal has been on air since 2011. Different cultural personalities, actors, teachers, sports-persons and others appear as guests on the show. As of now, the show has welcomed a total of 1036 guests.

Prolific and talented screenwriter Rumman Rashid Khan has been hosting Ranga Shokal since 2013. Artistes such as Nandita, Safi, Lavanya and Kibriya have joined him as co-hosts as well.

The idea for Ranga Shokal was conceived by Anjan Chowdhury, one of the stake holders of Square Group, the parent company of Maasranga Television.

“Our show has been running successfully for several years now. People really love it, which we consider our greatest achievement,” says Rumman Rashid Khan.

Social worker Sadia Jafrin Khan and singer Nayema Laboni are the special guests of today's show.

Ranga Shokal is produced by Rafikul Alam Rusho and Zubair Iqbal.