12:00 AM, May 11, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, May 11, 2018

The Lower Depths

Theatre review: DU students performing in Lower Depths. Photo: Shanto Lawrence Costa

Watching a play is always an ephemeral experience. As a spectator you would not be disappointed with the performances of third year students from the Theater and Performance Studies Department of Dhaka University. They performed one of Russian and Soviet writer Maxim Gorky's popular play The Lower Depths, translated in Bangla by filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel and directed by Tanvir Nahid Khan. The play depicts the harsh truths of life versus the comforting lies. Most of the characters choose to deceive themselves over the bleak reality of their conditions and the deaths.

The stage of Nat-Mandal was turned into a claustrophobic basement of a house with multiple residents. While the people were taking their seats, the actors had already taken their positions.

 The director's intention of presenting a realistic performance was successfully pulled off by the actors. Mohammad Wali Hossain Emdad playing the role of Satin was brilliant in his performance.He was consistent with his subtle gestures which made his character believable. The performance of Ahmmed Raufur Rahim in the role of Luca was also commendable. The dialogues were witty and relevant to the present time.  The recurring song “Proti bhore amar janalay thiki surjo othe, tobuo amar kuthuri bhishon ondhokar” engaged the audience to hum along. However, many thought the presentation was a bit loud and the background score could have been better.

Theater actors from reputed theater groups were seen in the audience which is always encouraging for the budding actors.