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12:00 AM, March 06, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:56 AM, April 10, 2015

I want to make good films… SA Haque Alik

Saurav Dey

SA Haque Alik began his journey as a television direction in the late 1990s. Then Alik used to be a theatre actor who never thought of becoming a filmmaker. But fate has something else written for him that has brought him success as both television director and filmmaker. His debut film, “Hridoyer Kotha”, featuring Riaz and Purnima brought him huge success as a director, followed by his second hit “Akash Chhowa Bhalobasha”. In a recent conversation, he talked about his films and many more. Excerpts:  

What are your current projects? 

Alik: Shooting is running for my third film “Ek Prithibir Prem” starring Irin and Asif in the lead roles. The cast also includes senior artistes ATM Shamsuzzaman , Afzal Sharif,  Abul Hayat, Sharmili Ahmed and others. Also my fourth film “Aro Bhalobashbo Tomay” is being shot currently.  

Tell us something about the film.

Alik: I wrote the screenplay for “Ek Prithibir Prem”. It is a love story which also depicts the gradually loosening family bonds. The film has good music; Habib, Hridoy Khan, Porshi, Kumar Biswajit and Milon Mahmud have lent their voices in the film. I haven't yet fixed the date of its release since I don't prefer working under a certain time limit. I will finish the film first and then decide a date for its release as it allows me to work with precision. 

How would you differentiate film and TV drama?

Alik: You have to pay to watch a film while a television drama is free to watch on any channel. When the audience buys ticket to watch a film they will expect to see something that reflects their tastes. Also making a film needs single-minded attention.

Dreams you cherish as a director?

Alik: I want the audience to remember me after my death which is the greatest award for a filmmaker. I became a filmmaker for the love of film, and want to make good films. 

Any word for upcoming directors? 

Alik: Film is team work; every unit has a crucial role to play. A good film requires collective efforts from the director, producers, actors, production unit, composers, musicians and all concerned people. Also you have to fix target audience and know their pulse. What the audience wants to see is more important than what you want them to see. 

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