Published on 12:00 AM, March 26, 2019

Surviving 71 – Gearing up for an extraordinary film

Stills from the first teaser of the film

Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

The teaser for the upcoming 2D animated film, Surviving 71, released yesterday. The stunning visuals and marvelous soundtrack immediately made it clear that the internationally acclaimed visual effects producer and filmmaker, Wahid Ibn Reza, had put his heart and soul into the direction, script and production of the upcoming film.

“Being the child of a Freedom Fighter, I always heard stories about our Liberation War, and was fascinated by them,” says Wahid, who was intrigued by the concept of sacrifice and love for the nation.

The film will depict our Liberation War through the eyes of two friends – Dhrubo and Akku – who witness key moments of the war while fleeing the country for survival. They are joined by Rezaul, who had always intended to go to war. The Pakistani army captures all three of them, and the trailer depicts the moment where they are about to get shot.

The film, which will release in full length on Bangladesh's Victory Day on December 16, 2021, promises to be one the finest animated film ever produced in the country, in spite of the limited resources in possession of the director.