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  • The Old City

    Here are the steps leading down to the lake

  • Caricature

    Caricature boys

  • Whirlpool of Our Stories

    And I come here to take your hand,

  • All about Love

    “So, Monsieur! What are you going to sing for me today? Neele neele ambar, perhaps?” she asked flaunting her azure saree. For once,


    One evening, while standing on the veranda of their 6th floor apartment, Sonia fell—with a big thud—in love. The thud was so loud

  • Rabindranath Tagore's Spring Songs

    Since whether you keep me in mind or not isn't in my mind at all,

  • Crossing Borders

    In one of my trips to the USA, I had a ticket on Royal Jordanian Airlines with a stopover at Amman. I halted there for three days, saw

  • The Three-Legged Cat

    Ammu is crying in the next room. Incessantly. I can't stand it any longer. Why did she do it? I have no doubt that she did it even

  • Musings on a Poet, a City and a Football Team

    Alone upon the housetops, to the North

  • Chronicle of a Death Least Foreseen

    As I was just leafing through Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a feeble attempt to cope with the emptiness

  • Poetry

    I imagine the lives of others,

  • Syed Manzoorul Islam: “A Veritable Man of Letters”

    Dr. Syed Manzoorul Islam – or SMI sir, as he is popularly known to us, his current and former students – is one of the most dynamic people I know. I first met him about twenty-five years ago in an undergraduate classroom where he

  • From an untitled,unfinished, unpublished 1971 story

    I knew it was Tipu, without even looking at the blanket-wrapped body they were carrying on their shoulders. I knew it was Tipu, because as always, he had filled up every space with his presence. He was my only child, and I often

  • Music, the Goddess of Passion

    I confess: music for me is intimate. I don't know about genres and canons. Nor do I know the reasons that compel a composer to

  • Bewitching Heidelberg

    Much like the famous German song “Ichhabmein Herz in Heidelberg verloren” by Fred Raymond, which later became the theme song of

  • Grief Tourist

    Stepping into unknown spaces,

  • Unknowable

    how do you explain that love is a monstrous shape-shifting beast

  • Why I started writing in English

    I am Bengali. I am a writer.

  • From Enchanted Delta

    Nadeem longed to join the crowds in the streets. When no one was around, he watched his own face in the mirror as he improvised a

  • Specks of Dreams and Polarized Dusts

    I fell asleep within my sleep and woke up to find myself in your dream, which is also mine.


    This book's subtitle, Sketches from my Life gestures helpfully at the book's content for it is about the full and colorful life lived by its

  • Rediscovering Origin

    These two questions happen to be at the heart of human knowledge and rationality, and the focal point of Dan Brown's ground-

  • Imagination's winter

    When snow falls, people at a distance

  • Inspirational, Imaginative, Unconventional-Razia Khan Amin

    There is hardly anything anywhere in the net to indicate how good Razia Khan Amin (1936-2011) (aka Razia Khan, or Mrs. Amin to us

  • Reminiscing Comilla

    This evening, it's my nose or maybe I've been getting intimations of the sweet odor of burning incense!

  • Reincarnation

    We were in Cambridge, Massachusetts, waiting for a table at a popular restaurant. There were only two benches and a chair arranged

  • Stairway to Wonderland

    Past giant mountains, which collide with the blue linings of the abyss,

  • Full Circle

    How innocently I met Islam! It was through a humble kind of “How do you do?” proffered to a handful of Rajasthan mosques; among


    After a long field trip, hunger gripped the mission members who could barely wait to eat, yearning for whatever they could find. The

  • A Game of Light and Darkness

    Charulata Akhter was an ordinary, braided, floral salwar kameez-wearing nineteen-year-old from the Shundarganj village of Rangpur.