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BJP, Congress war of words escalates

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The war of words between Congress and BJP escalated yesterday with Priyanka mocking Modi over his 56-inch chest remark and the BJP releasing a video targeting Robert Vadra.
The BJP on Sunday released a video targeting Robert Vadra for his land deals in Haryana and Rajasthan under the Congress-ruled governments.
The video named Damad Shree accused the Haryana and Rajasthan governments of colluding with Robert Vadra to help him acquire lands fraudulently.
The video also accused Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi of facilitating illegal land deals for Vadra.
BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad detailed the charges against Vadra and said Sonia and Rahul should answer the questions raised by the party.
Accusing Vadra of violating land ceiling laws, the BJP asked Congress to explain the Vadra model of development.
BJP's attack came hours after Priyanka Gandhi, addressing a meeting in Rae Bareli, took a jibe at Narendra Modi for his 56-inch chest remark.

Taking a dig at Modi, Priyanka Gandhi said a 56-inch chest is not needed to run the country but you need a "big heart" and "moral strength".
"A 56-inch chest is not needed to run this country, a big heart is needed to run it. To run this country cruel force of power is not needed, but moral strength is needed. It needs an internal strength," Priyanka said while addressing a meeting Rae Bareli.
Modi had said during the Gorakhpur rally that it would take a "56-inch chest" to convert UP into Gujarat.
"Netaji (Mulayam Singh), do you know the meaning of converting UP into Gujarat? It means 24-hour electricity, no power cut for 365 days in every village and street. You can't do it. You don't have the guts to turn UP into Gujarat. It takes a 56-inch chest," Modi had said.
Priyanka said this is the country of Mahatma Gandhi and people of all religions, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhist, Jains, sacrificed their lives for its freedom.
"This is your country and you are its guard. This is my country and the blood which runs in my veins has mixed with its soil," Priyanka said, adding, "It your duty to protect the country and the 'dharma' of my family".

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