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“Women in small towns face stiff professional obstacles”... Shahnewaz Cacoly

“Women in small towns face stiff professional obstacles”... Shahnewaz Cacoly

Shah Alam Shazu

Film director Shahnewaz Cacoly came into the spotlight with variations in her work within a short period. She won the National Film Award for her directorial debut “Uttarer Sur”. The Daily Star recently interviewed the acclaimed filmmaker ahead of International Women's Day.

What are your thoughts on the day?

Cacoly: It is a very special day for women as it is an occasion for us to discuss about our rights and freedom.

What's your opinion on women's position in society?

Cacoly: The position what women hold today is quite an improvement from the past. This situation is not created overnight. Countless women are now seen running their family by working in readymade garments sector.  

What are the major challenges for women in building their careers?

Cacoly: I first faced resistance when I wanted to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. Apart from that, I had to face various types of obstacles as a female filmmaker. In general, women are neglected in many aspects in society. In Dhaka city, it is a different issue. But the women of small towns mainly have to face stiff obstacles in performing their jobs.


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