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  • Celebrating Life: Tale of music legend Alam Khan

    For decades, Alam Khan has entertained us with his beautiful melodies.Throughout his career, he has gifted us many wonderful songs and composed movies.

  • Shift QuickRev

    Challenger goes AWD. Opel makes crazy cool wagon. Bajaj launches V15 in Bangladesh. Daimler becomes largest luxury automaker.

  • BDCyclists bid to break Guinness World Record

    BDCyclists bid to break Guinness World Record

    Led by the biggest cyclists’ group in Bangladesh named BDCyclists, around 1,200 bicyclists on this Victory Day attempted to break the Guinness World Record of forming the world’s longest single line of moving bicycles.

  • Ferdausi Majumdar - Tale of the Thespian

    The days were dark and fear lurked at the corners of the patriotic Bengali hearts. During that time, under the Pakistani military dictatorship, presentation of the Bengali culture in any form beckoned trouble. In this gloomy period, it was out of sheer valour, that the handful of Bengali artists, including Ferdausi Majumdar, took it upon themselves to fight the “artistic” war, daringly. Some were unable to overcome that fear, but many did so, in their own faithful ways. This is the tale of one such female warrior. Despite having a strict religious father, she embraced the stage as a performer and did her best to support the cause. Even though the latitude to perform was vague, she availed whatever opportunity there was and pursued her passion for plays. Ferdausi Majumdar also acted in the first drama that was aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV). We are proud to announce that she will be awarded in the upcoming gala night of Celebrating Life 2016 with a lifetime achievement award for her immense contributions.

  • Interview: Freedom fighter Ahamed Ali

    Ahamed Ali, retired assistant director of BTCL and a freedom fighter who fought in Sector 8 under Major General Muhammad Abul Manzoor, tells his stories of training and war days during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

  • Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-2)

    Maleka Khan, the former organising secretary of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association, tells her experience of the 1971 Liberation War.

  • Jalladkhana

    Killing fields of 1971: Our grief, our strength

    Around 3,000,000 people were brutally killed by the then West Pakistan forces during the nine months of Liberation War in1971, their bodies were dumped and buried in hundreds of mass graves and killing fields across the country.

  • Tale of 1971 Indian war veterans

    A delegation of 28 Indian War Veterans and four serving officers arrived Dhaka on a five day visit on December 14, 2016. In this video they shared their stories of those days.

  • sma-karim

    Commander SMA Karim of Tangail

    In 1971 Liberation War, freedom fighter SMA Karim fought in Sector 11. He joined the liberation movement from 1968 as Chhatra League worker.

  • Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-1)

    When the Liberation War began in March 1971, former organising secretary of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association Maleka Khan like many others also faced the atrocities of war and made it to safety by escaping from Dhaka to her in-law’s house in Narsingdi. In this episode, Maleka Khan shares her experience of the war.

  • Shift Quick Rev: Merceds does crazy droptop and Hyundai releases Elantra GT - Dec 2016

    Mercedes launches new drop-top. Hyundai excites with powerful Elantra GT that we won't get in Bangladesh. Meanhwile Alfa does a sexy SUV.

  • Santal House: Al Jazeera video shows arson in cop presence

    Exclusive Al Jazeera footage appears to show police helping set fire to a Santal home in Gaibandha's Gobindaganj upazila.

  • The making of 'Blockade'

    July, 1971. An uneven war was on for about four months.

  • A Platform for Cartoon Lovers

    Cartoon People is a community that is testament to the adage that you can find your inner artist at any age.

  • Rashmela: Largest folk festival deep inside Sundarbans

    In the middle of the night, Atul Sur, a fisherman from Koyra, arrives at Dublarchar, an island in the Sundarbans, in a small boat loaded with Batasha (sweets), candles, incense sticks and coconuts.

  • Skilled human resources key to business growth

    Human resources departments are not seen as part of the core group in most companies in the past, says Rahmat Roslan Hashim, head of human resources at Standard Chartered Bangladesh.

  • High demand for chemical-free bottle gourd in Lalmonirhat

    Chemical-free farming of vegetables is gaining popularity and radish is bringing high profit to the growers in

  • 3 Jubo League men found shot dead

    A leader and two activists of Jubo League in Natore were found shot dead in Dinajpur yesterday, about two days after they were picked up allegedly by Rab members. The mother of one of the dead has filed a general diary saying a Rab team had taken them away from Tokia Bazar of Natore on Saturday.

  • Physically challenged, MENTALLY STRONG

    Since his birth, Likhon cannot move any of his limbs on his own. Born in a poor family, the physically challenged man is confined to wheelchair all the time and has to take his mother's help to meet his daily needs. Still, he does not want to be considered a burden. In fact, his willpower has brought him a feat only a few can achieve overcoming hurdles like his.

  • Natore freshwater croc released in Padma

    Believed to be an extinct species in the country, the freshwater crocodile caught in Natore yesterday has been released in the Padma river hours after capture.

  • [Watch] Celebrating Life: Arnob sings “Tomar Jonno”

    Popular singer Arnob performed a number of songs at the Celebrating Life programme organised by The Daily Star and Standard Chartered Bank in Dhaka last week.

  • Shift review: 2016 Honda CRV

    A large-ish SUV fitted with a 2.4 litre 4 cylinder i-VTEC engine: The Honda CRV is as much a status symbol as any other SUV, yet it’s not pretentious.

  • Tips guru: Chanchal Chowdhury on acting

    Do you want to perform like a professional actor? Blockbuster film Aynabaji’s lead actor Chanchal Chowdhury shares with us some techniques to become a good actor.

  • Game shows how nation was born

    You may have played history-based war games like Brothers in Arms or early Call of Duty series. But you have never played a war game

  • Celebrating Life: Tahsan sings Alo

    Popular singer Tahsan performs a number of songs at the vibrant gala of “Celebrating Life”, a competition jointly organised by The Daily Star and Standard Chartered Bank, at the International Convention City in Dhaka’s Bashundhara area on November 22.

  • Straight from kitchen: Finger-Licking feasts at 3 Dragons at Pearl

    Created from a few simple ingredients, this visually alluring dish provides an explosion of tastes and textures, leaving one’s palate with the lingering fragrance of green tea and crunchy texture of the prawns.

  • Malaysia’s Najib on China, Trump and GE14

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was in a relaxed and upbeat mood during an exclusive interview with The Star where he spoke about friends and foes, politics, China and the upcoming general election.

  • Celebrating Life: Tahsan sings 'Chhuye Dile Mon'

    Popular singer Tahsan performs a number of songs at the vibrant gala of “Celebrating Life”, a competition jointly organised by The Daily Star and Standard Chartered Bank, at the International Convention City in Dhaka’s Bashundhara area on November 22.

  • Celebrating Life: Tahsan sings Prematal

    Enjoy popular singer Tahsan performing "Prematal" at the vibrant gala of ‘Celebrating Life’.

  • Lalon Song: Dube Dekh Dekhi

    Fakir Ajmal Shah is a baul from Faridpur district who claims that he follows Fakir Lalon Shah’s original singing style and format.