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  • Star-IPDC initiative brings change-makers under the spotlight

    IPDC Finance Limited in association with The Daily Star presented the first “Unsung Women Nation Builders Awards” to seven women at a packed auditorium of the Krishibid institution near Farmgate, acknowledging their unique contributions to the socio-economic development of the country.

  • ‘Banglar Nani’ indomitable at 90, provides free healthcare

    Almost 90 years of age, Lalmonirhat’s Jahiron Bewa or “Banglar Nani” as she is popularly called, continues to provide free healthcare services to rural people in her area.

  • Straight from Kitchen: Savouring the Sea

    These recipes have been prepared by Md. Erfan Hossain, Executive Sous Chef, Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View.

  • Paw opens mini clinic for pets in Lalmatia

    Paw Foundation for rescuing animals has now come up with a mini clinic for pets in Lalmatia to provide healthcare services to pets.

  • [WATCH] Brac’s nanosat to hit orbit in May

    Brac Onnesha, the first nano-satellite of Bangladesh, is going to hit in low earth orbit soon in May this year.

  • Rana Plaza victims demand trial of culprits

    At the fourth anniversary of the world’s biggest workplace disaster, Rana Plaza victims and labour activists re-echo demand for punishment of culprits responsible.

  • Everything Farmgate!

    They are of the same height, and yet Ibrahim always looks taller than Ali. Is it because of his confident demeanour in contrast of Ali's

  • Suchitra Sen’s Pabna house now open for all

    The house of legendary actress Suchitra Sen, located in Gopalpur Hem Sagor Lane of Pabna, is now open for all thanks to the Pabna district administration.

  • Good humans love animals: Story of PAW

    When the first wolf was fed by a human, it became the first dog. Since then this animal has been helping human as a loyal friend. They helped us in hunting and worked as the most trusted sentinel but in the modern civilisation that job has been replaced by super markets and CCTV cameras. And our most trusted friend got thrown out onto the street.

  • Double Blow in Haors: Paddy gone, now fish

    Fish in Hakaluki Haor have started dying since Sunday as half-ripe paddy submerged under flashfloods continues to rot and pollute its water.

  • BK DAS ROAD: An architectural treasure trove

    The B K Das Road at Farashganj is an architectural treasure trove of Old Dhaka. We have interviewed Dhaka itself about this beautiful

  • Straight From Kitchen Episode 20 | The Way Dhaka

    If life gave you potatoes and prawn, what would you do? Combine the two to create perfection of course! This week Straight From Kitchen goes to The Way to show you how to do just that!

  • Havoc in haor

    Farmers in the northeastern backswamp are all too familiar with flash floods. Rice paddies grown just once a year in this vast haor remain at the mercy of nature. But thousands of growers in this wetland ecosystem had never experienced flash floods striking this early as in this season, completely destroying paddies in over one lakh hectares of land.

  • [WATCH] Milkman shows you don’t need a lot of money to help people

    Joynal is no millionaire or influential politician. He is merely a milkman now. Yet, he built a hospital in the remote Taan Hashadia village of Mymensingh to serve the people for free, and also a primary school for the children in the village, proving that where there is a will, there is a way.

  • Abandoned baby Anisha breathes her last

    The baby girl, who was rescued from a dustbin in the capital's Mirpur on March 11, died on early Monday at Dhaka Medical College

  • Straight From Kitchen: Episode 19 | Absolute Thai

    We all love having fish. But who doesn't love fish cooked in different, exciting ways? This week, StraightFromKitchen goes straight to Absolute Thai to bring you two excellent fish recipes!

  • Discover Bangladesh: Khoiyachora Waterfalls

    How many of you have heard about the Khoiyachora waterfalls? Perhaps not many have heard about this little known gem of a tourist spot. This waterfall has the highest number of steps in the country—earning it the name “queen of falls”.

  • Dhaka street, 300 Feet!

    300 Feet even a few years ago was, for me, the 'edge' of Dhaka. Back then it was more popularly known as Baluchor. It was desolate,

  • [WATCH] Branding Bangladesh at IPU

    The commerce ministry organises a five-day fair on the sidelines of the 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) assembly to showcase the country’s exportable goods and heritage to the foreign delegates.

  • Journalist living on minimum wage in Bangladesh

    So you think you can live a day with the money a junior garments worker earns?

  • Other side of Saudi women

    It was a stunning revelation for many in the world when the education ministry of Saudi Arabia released the statistics two years ago

  • A day in life of a minimum wage earner in Bangladesh

    Shoma Begum is a garments factory worker who earns slightly more than the minimum wage earner in the country.

  • [WATCH NOW] Amazing grass that grows without soil

    One needs no soil, no open field to grow grass. An indoor facility with a hydroponic fodder unit can provide any commercial dairy farm with enough green grass to meet the nutrition needs of the animals.

  • Baishakh Fashion 2017

    Pahela Baishakh is a burst of colours. It’s about celebrating all things new and also about rejoicing our traditions. Check out Star Lifestyle’s Baishakhi wardrobe collection, presented through a dazzling fashion show in the most picturesque of locations! Reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate all things Baishakh!

  • Farmgate Park turns into human hauler stand

    The Farmgate Anwar Park turns into a parking lot for human haulers, thanks to a move by Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) asking these vehicles to clear off from their old parking spot at the Indira Road area.

  • Amazing grass!

    One needs no soil, no open field to grow grass. An indoor facility with a hydroponic fodder unit can provide any commercial dairy farm with enough green grass to meet the nutrition needs of the animals.

  • Jhoom star Minar takes on cartoon challenge

    Minar Rahman is one of the top trending stars among the new generation of musicians in the country. His last year’s song “Jhoom” took the Bangladeshi Youtube viewers by a storm. Till date, it has secured above 11 million views.

  • Neelkowri Bajra: The exquisite past in Kaptai Lake

    There was a time when the aristocrats of Bengal spent their time on bajras—the magnificent boats meant to be languished in on river waters.

  • Digital Jhal Muri wala

    Md Julhash Howlader is the son of a freedom fighter, who now sells jhal muri beside the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital at Shahbagh.

  • Pabna people want recognition of country’s first resistance fight

    On March 28 in 1971, thousands of people from all walks of life fought with lethal weapons against Pakistan’s first contingent in Pabna.