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Toxic food everywhere

Toxic food everywhere

Ad-hoc measures won't do

THE incidence of adulterated food items has acquired such an intensity that now the list of edibles has shrunk only to a few. Monitoring of food supply chain will not be enough by itself, long term damaging effects of consuming contaminated food will have to sink in the minds of the perpetrators. We need to ensure that concerned persons at all levels of food production and supplies are sensitised about the harmful effects of adulteration and refrain from it.
The malady is not only afflicting the present generation of citizens but also casting a shadow over future generation with the prospect of stunting them. Some doctors even hold the view that if cases relating to consumption of toxic foods recur then the number of physically and mentally disabled children by the year 2020 will rise terrifyingly. The pattern of diseases, caused due to poisoned food has already changed, and that's why we now have more cancer, diabetic and kidney patients than ever before.  
In this context, manufacturers, growers and sellers must prioritise what is more important to them -- making quick profits at the cost of public health or focus on honest and sustainable income with a salubrious commitment to society.
Regular crackdowns for banning toxic foods must continue and culprits handed deterrent punishment. Not only should the government combat the offenders but the public too must come forward to lend a hand. Only an all-out approach has any chance of success.


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