12:00 AM, April 09, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015

They've shamed us

They've shamed us

Exemplary punishment be meted out

IT is good to know that the government has decided to probe the reported allegation of using substandard materials to make crests that were awarded to Bangladesh's foreign friends who made great contribution to our Liberation War. It's a welcome step to identify and expose those who through their scandalous act have made us hang our heads in shame.
As the report goes, the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) found only around 2.36 grams of gold in place of the specified 11.64 grams and only an alloy of base metals instead of the supposed 350 grams of silver in each of the crests.
The depravity of those involved is indeed mind-boggling. These people thought nothing of demeaning the auspicious occasion to the level of stealing the material value of the crest in such an abominable manner. Even the symbolic value of the awards was thus robbed of. Shortchanging such honourable recipients can only be done by the scum of the earth.  Those under whose watch this could happen should be held to account.
The perpetrators of the crime deserve no mercy except only severest of the punishments. We hope the Liberation War Affairs ministry, on whose orders the crests were made, would ensure that the culprits behind this national shame are not able to escape the long arm of the law.


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