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Md Shahnawaz Khan Chandan
Israeli force's fireworks in Gaza while celebrating Peace in their land.
Israeli force's fireworks in Gaza while celebrating Peace in their land.

When she is wanted she turns elusive. When she stays with us we can't feel where she actually is. When someone powerful tries to settle her somewhere the toll she takes chill our hearts. She is a global desire but nobody on this poor earth can afford her presence for too long. Finally frustrated by human folly she decided to leave this hazardous earth forever. So here we shall remember our memories of this precious lady called “Peace.”
Before the creation of mankind the entire world belonged to her. At that time it was called “the Peaceful World”. When Adam was created she turned a curious eye but when Eve was created to accompany him, Peace felt threatened for the first time. Her worry proved right when millions of children of our ancient parents started to desire her for their own, depriving millions of others. From that time Peace decided that she would stay with people but not without a price.

The relationship status between Peace and her client, the human race, is very complicated. Peace plays a flirty and deceptive role with the leaders of the world who have the ability to pacify her. Due to her elusive nature the misguided strongmen of our earth try to catch her often with force. Sometimes they fail and sometimes they manage to catch her at the cost of much blood. Peace, however, usually castes a generous eye for the poor who have less demands in this world. This is why we see happy smiles in a remote village of Africa but we see disenchanted people in luxurious mansions.

Centuries ago the colonial leaders tried to pacify Peace in the world by turning 'savages' into 'civilised'. The methods they applied were forced conversions, genocide and mass extermination of the 'savage' races who did not want their version of Peace. Overwhelmed by their 'goodwill', these colonial leaders killed millions of people around the world to teach us what Peace actually is. Recently the elusive lady, Peace, has been given a new glamorous look called Democrazy. World leaders have reduced countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and others to rubble to make them a home of Peace.

The most recent effort by mankind to have this precious lady is being manifested in the Middle East, especially in Gaza. To ensure the presence of Peace in their own land a state called Israel started the campaign of killing women and children in Gaza. But it has become too much for her. Seeing such shameful abuse of her name, Peace has decided to leave the ordinary mortals forever.

Published: 12:00 am Friday, July 25, 2014

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